By combining a core of high modulus low resin fibre armoured with outer layers of Bias carbon Daiwa have been able to reduce the diameter of the MT performance. Importantly this harmony of materials harnesses more potential energy that when released applies more power to the cast. The added benefit of the Bias is a higher torque resistance contributing to better straight line accuracy and a crisper recovery. Furnished to the same 'custom' standard as other DF's each model feature 50mm butt guides, a profiled NS grip handle and a low glare matt finish.

Size Product Code Price Qty
12' 2.75lb BDFC2234 399.99
12' 3.00lb BDFC2300 409.99
12' 3.25lb BDFC2314 419.99
12' 3.75lb BDFC2334 429.99
13' 3.25lb BDFC3314 449.99
13' 3.75lb BDFC3334 459.99