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Browning Commercial King Tickler: F1 Tickler 2.20m

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Try one of these and you will never use a long rod again! The ultimate rods for close range tip fishing. The 7ft length dramatically improves accuracy and lands fish incredibly quickly. Forgiving through actions but power in the butt so can be a real bagging rod. The F1 version is around 20% softer and is perfect for winter carp fishing with light lines and small hooks. Supplied with 3 glass tips (0,5 oz, 1 oz, 1,5 oz) Browning has further improved and refined its Commercial King Rod range They allow an angler to present really light rigs to finesse bites from shy-biting winter F1s and skimmers that have seen it all before, and they more than justify the asking price for use on hard winter commercials, where you might be fishing for just half-a-dozen bites in a match. Their reduced length allows you to easily tuck them out of harm’s way down the side of a platform, well out of the wind. The F1 is built to fish with reel lines of 2lb-5lb, while the Carp model can handle slightly heavier mono from 3lb-8lb, with appropriate hooklengths, but I wouldn’t go much below 0.10mm even with the F1 version. The first thing you notice is how light the Browning Commercial King F1 Wand feels. The next is how easy it is to cast overhead, plopping the feeder accurately hard up against the far bank, or features such as islands or aerators

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