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CC Moore All Season Bag Mix 1kg CC Moore All Season Bag Mix 1kg
9 in stock
All Season Bag Mix is a low oil, attraction packed PVA bag mix that instantly releases soluble, feed inducing triggers to all layers of your swim, in any water temperature. Containing highly digestible pellets, powders and additives this sweet, caramel profiled mix can be mixed with boilie crumb or liquid foods such as Amino Blend 365, Feedstim XP or NS1 Bait Booster.
CC Moore Belachan Bag Mix CC Moore Belachan Bag Mix
4 in stock
Fermented shrimp based PVA bag mix. Strong smelling, salty, dark grey in colour and packed with natural attractors and appetite stimulants. Contains fish, shellfish & products from our famous Belachan Range. Recommended for year-round use.
CC Moore Mini Ultramix CC Moore Mini Ultramix
7 in stock
This is a superb blend of micro and mini betaine, krill, trout and halibut pellets that really gets fish grubbing around for more. It is ideal for use in solid bags and contains pellets from 2mm-4mm size meaning there is a constant stream of attractors entering the water as the pellets break down at different speeds. It can also be boosted with our outstanding Feedstim XP liquid and a dusting of B…
CC Moore Salmon Micro Feed CC Moore Salmon Micro Feed
5 in stock
Salmon Micro Feed is fine, high oil, fish protein crumb designed for feeding to fry. It is rich in nutrients and made to be highly attractive in order to stimulate the feed intake of young fish and make them grow more quickly. In water it creates a highly attractive cloud of salty, fishy particles and is extremely effective in paste mixes and PVA bag or stick mixes. It can also be boosted with fis…
CC Moore Squid Bag Mix CC Moore Squid Bag Mix
6 in stock
Highly attractive, dark brown, moist Squid PVA Bag Mix with a deep, savoury taste & a rich, peppery-squid aroma. Packed with water soluble and natural attractors derived from squid and other marine-based products. Highly recommended for year-round use. Can be boosted with liquid foods.
Crafty Catcher Drilled Halibut Grab Packs Crafty Catcher Drilled Halibut Grab Packs
13 in stock
Crafty Catcher Grab Packs Crafty Catcher Grab Packs
81 in stock
Ready to use PVA friendly 1ltr The Particle Bag Mix from Crafty Catcher consists of a balanced mix of seeds, nuts and grains which the carp can hardly resist. Due to the different rough components you will keep the carp in your swim for a long time without overfeeding. Tigers - in this package you will find the best tiger nuts from Crafty Catcher. They are ready for use and PVA friendly and also v…
Dynamite Stick Mix Dynamite Stick Mix
7 in stock
This stick mix is ready to use straight from the bag and is totally PVA friendly. You don’t need to add water to it and as a result it won’t melt bags or sticks.
Mainline Pro-Active Stick & Bag Mix Mainline Pro-Active Stick & Bag Mix
3 in stock
The design of our Stick & Bag mixes is built on Mainline's extensive knowledge and experience in bait formulation. Incorporating our unique water soluble catalyst system which capitalises on all aspects of feeding and attraction. Pro-Active Stick & Bag mixes are the ultimate in active particle release and provide a stream of attraction throughout the water column, drawing carp from all levels. Ide…
Nash Instant Action Stick Mix Nash Instant Action Stick Mix
3 in stock
Contains high attract powdered enhancers for maximum attraction with minimal feed. For best results mix with Instant Action Plume Juice.


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