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CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pot Case + 4 Pots CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pot Case + 4 Pots
2 in stock
The high-quality CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pot Case is made from durable black 600D treated material, ensuring longevity and protection for your gear. The Case comes equipped with 4 CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pots that feature a double lid system to prevent leaks, making them convenient and efficient for all your fishing needs. The CarpLife branded zips, both inside and out, are reinforced for added stre…
CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pots CarpLife Glug/Hookbait Pots
£2.79 - £2.99
8 in stock
Food Grade Pots with double lid system to keep contents dry or prevent the leaking of any liquids. Small: 49mm Large: 80mm
Fox Bait Tubs Fox Bait Tubs
£13.99 - £14.99
2 in stock
Designed for secure storage of all hook baits Fox Bait Tubs feature a screw down leak proof lid with rubber O ring seal, allowing dipped and soaked pop-ups, bottom baits, plastic baits or wet particle hook baits to be stored without risk of spillage or contamination inside your bait carryall. * Bait not included, for illustration purposes only.
Fox Baiting Spoon Fox Baiting Spoon
1 in stock
Four models of Baiting Spoon now available Large - perfect all-rounder for variety of baits including boilies and pellets Mini - ideal for loading Impact Spods and Spombs, loading bait boat hoppers, for mixing up ingredients and controlled baiting when only small quantities are needed Boilie – as name suggests perfect for baiting with boilies Particle - features slots for liquid drainage making it…
Garbolino Bait Chopper Garbolino Bait Chopper
3 in stock
Perfect for chopping many different baits in seconds! Variable chopping size - the more times you pull the finer the chop Simple & easy to use Perfect for large or small amounts of bait Much easier & more effective than a pair of scissors!
Gardner Baiting Spoon Gardner Baiting Spoon
2 in stock
Large Baiting Spoon that can be screwed into a landing net handle or into any Gardner Landing Net Handle. Ideal for all short to medium range work. Made from tough high impact plastic to last a lifetime. Lightweight – ideal for fast & efficient mass baiting from boat or bank side. Perfect for use with anything from particle baits like hemp seed or boilies; firing out ground bait balls when used wi…
Gardner Munga Spoons Gardner Munga Spoons
1 in stock
These Munga Spoons are perfect for stirring up mixed baits for spodding, without getting your hands covered in pungent stinking fermented particle juices, fish oils or other dips that leave you stinking like you have just been expelled from the bowels of Hades! Robust moulded design. Supplied as a pair – in green and brown. Made in the UK
Gardner Rolaball Gardner Rolaball
£10.50 - £12.99
2 in stock
Made from high impact virgin A.B.S. to resist wear and tear, with integral rubber feet to reduce the table slipping in use. These long base tables have enabled many anglers to start rolling and experimenting their own baits.
Gardner Rolaball Baitmaster Gardner Rolaball Baitmaster
2 in stock
The Rolaball Baitmaster offers much greater bait making capacity as the wider design simply rolls more boilies at a stroke than our longbase tables. This makes bait making much quicker and more efficient – and this means that anglers that want the control or economy of making their own bait can make sufficient quantities of bait in a shorter time. We supply a large number of bait making companies…
Korda Infuza Korda Infuza
£5.99 - £6.99
5 in stock
Boosted hook baits have been a popular technique in carp fishing for many years; the use of oils, flavour additives and bait soaks have seen a resurgence in the last couple of years. Korda have designed something robust and easy to use, which allows excess liquid to drain from the surface of the hook baits, ensuring an even coating. The internal tray allows the baits to sit above the glug, but be…
Korda Krusha Korda Krusha
£13.99 - £15.99
8 in stock
No longer will you be blending boilies, nuts and pellets in your kitchen, because the Krusha is here! Robust, easy to use and reliable, the Krusha allows you to grind your baits on the bank of your venue, rather than your kitchen. Simply place your chosen baits into the bottom section that states 'fill', pop the other section over the top and let the Krusha's teeth work their magic as you begin to…
Korda Kutter Korda Kutter
£11.49 - £13.49
10 in stock
The Kutter makes the production of perfect chopped boilies easy. Simply pop up to six boilies into the Kutter, push them through with the Kompressor and the internal blade produces perfectly halved baits. The Kutter is available in three sizes to suit boilies of 16mm, 20mm and 25mm.


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