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Bait-Tech Deluxe Special G Liquids Bait-Tech Deluxe Special G Liquids
63 in stock
The Special G Range in a liquid – things cannot get much better. Our new range of liquids encompass all what you need for a winning edge. Our Deluxe liquid is designed to leach out flavour into the water dispersing attraction through the layers. Created for maximum intensity of flavour and attraction. These commercial-style liquids are DELUXE! Rich with flavours and attractors you can use this ran…
Bait-Tech Liquids Bait-Tech Liquids
In stock
Bait-Tech’s range of liquids have long been winners and have become a proven and trusted addition to the anglers bait bag, whether used as dips, glugs, in spod mixes, for soaking or in groundbait, these liquids provide something for everyone and are excellent fish attractors as they are packed with flavour. Bait-Tech bottle liquids are 250ml and come in the following flavours: Sweet Coconut – PVA-…
Bait-Tech Pro Natural Liquids Bait-Tech Pro Natural Liquids
9 in stock
Bait-Tech Special G Glug Bait-Tech Special G Glug
1 in stock
For increased attraction and maximum reaction – this is Special G in a glug! Use to: Glug hook baits Glug feed baits Enhance spod mixes Soak pellets Add to paste and groundbaits Dilute a little and pump Xpands
Bait-Tech Stick Mix Liquids Bait-Tech Stick Mix Liquids
2 in stock
Increase the attraction of any bait with this range of Stick Mix Liquids. They are PVA-Friendly and come in 4 flavours: Scopex, Berry, Pineapple & Krill. Versatile Stick Mix Liquids with the right amount of Stick! Pour over hook baits use in stick & PVA-bags use in any water temperature gret for binding pellets add to groundbaits
CC Moore Amino Blend 365 CC Moore Amino Blend 365
3 in stock
Amino Blend 365 is a unique combination of powerful liquid appetite stimulants which enhances the attraction properties of any bait item – in all water temperatures. Being a highly water soluble liquid food, Amino Blend 365 supplies an abundance of essential amino acids which have been combined with proven fish-catching extracts to produce a liquid bait additive with an outstanding all–round nutri…
CC Moore Belachan Shrimp Paste CC Moore Belachan Shrimp Paste
2 in stock
Belachan is a simply legendary fish attractor and is a natural product produced in Malaysia. It is Fermented Shrimp Paste which is primarily used as a human food additive that delivers a deep, salty taste and aroma acting as a flavour label and a natural appetite stimulant. Over many years, experienced and knowledgeable anglers have used this product to great effect adding it to all different form…
CC Moore Booster Liquid CC Moore Booster Liquid
£8.49 - £10.49
6 in stock
This potent hookbait booster liquid is made from the same secret blend of chosen flavours that is used in the production of the phenomenal Northern Specials. Combining concentrated appetite stimulants and carefully selected fruit flavours containing powerful active ingredients, Northern Specials Hookbait Booster delivers a ‘zesty’ taste sensation to baits which literally entices fish to feed in ev…
CC Moore Booster Powder 250g CC Moore Booster Powder 250g
6 in stock
CC Moore Booster Powder 50g CC Moore Booster Powder 50g
5 in stock
CC Moore Carp Freaks Bait Booster CC Moore Carp Freaks Bait Booster
2 in stock
Carp Freaks CF1 Hookbait Booster Carp Freaks are CC Moore’s new range of highly attractive pop ups which deliver outstanding fish catching potential to the angler through their superb visual, taste and aroma profiles, and are the brainchild of top UK carp angler Mark Pitchers. Developed and perfected by Mark over many years, Carp Freaks are based on a recipe Mark created back in the 90s and has re…
CC Moore GLM CC Moore GLM
6 in stock


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