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Avid Outline Leadcore 50lb Avid Outline Leadcore 50lb
2 in stock
Made using Outline Camouflage fibres, this 50lb leadcore virtually disappears on all kinds of lake beds. It’s boasts a low diameter and is extremely supple, yet it’s still very easy to splice.
Drennan Gravel Braid Drennan Gravel Braid
15 in stock
ESP Anchor Braid ESP Anchor Braid
20 in stock
ESP Bulk Leadcore ESP Bulk Leadcore
4 in stock
Bulk 25m spools now available in 4 crucial colours: Original Camo, Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel and Choddy Silt - Individual shades darken down when wet to blend perfectly with their respective backgrounds - 45lb (20.5kg) breaking strain - Fast sinking, reliably strong, easy to splice - Extremely supple due to the soft lead core - Hugs the bottom and follows its contours - Some of the most inconspicu…
ESP Camo Sink Link ESP Camo Sink Link
30 in stock
ESP Camo Sink Link is a super strong, soft un-coated braided hook link material which takes camouflage to the next level. Tightly woven with a silky smooth feel and featuring alternating tones of colour which act to break up the outline of the hook link making it really inconspicuous, this provides a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp in clear water. Although dyneema based for…
ESP Ghost ESP Ghost
31 in stock
Available in: 10lb 4.5kg 12lb 5.5kg 15lb 6.9kg 18lb 8.2kg - Pure fluorocarbon not just a fluorocarbon coating. With the same light refractive index as water ESP Ghost is virtually invisible when submerged. Specific Gravity (SG) of 1.78 ensures rigs sink quickly and lie tight to the bottom. - An excellent hook link material particularly for wary carp in clear water.
ESP Leadcore 7m ESP Leadcore 7m
27 in stock
This Leadcore is supplied on a handy spool designed to fit neatly in the majority of tackle boxes. Leadcore is immensely strong with a breaking strain of around 45lbs and with its high abrasion resistance, it is ideal for coping with heavy weed and snags, while the special two-tone weave provides excellent camouflage. Having an extra high lead content ESP Leadcore ensures that the line lies unobtr…
ESP Loaded Hooklink 20lb ESP Loaded Hooklink 20lb
41 in stock
The tough, matt camo tungsten coating sinks heavily and strips easily while being resilient to fracturing on knots. Straightens without steaming. The super strong Dyneema core has an achievable knot strength of over 30lb. 20lb+ Soft This soft version is perfect for subtle presentations with hook baits such as small boilies and nuts. Balanced or buoyant baits combined with the inherent suppleness o…
ESP Soft Ghost ESP Soft Ghost
21 in stock
New and improved, this replaces the previous version of E-S-P Soft Ghost. So what is different about it? Well it’s still 100% fluorocarbon but a couple of key attributes set it apart from its predecessor. Firstly it is even softer. It behaves impeccably and can be straightened out straight off the spool without the aid of steam and although softer, it will still kick the hook bait away from the le…
ESP Stiff Rig ESP Stiff Rig
12 in stock
- Available in15lb (6.8kg), 20lb (9.1kg), 25lb (11.4kg) - 20m spools - Excellent abrasion resistance - Super high knot strength - Low visibility clear - Stays straight and rigid
ESP Tungsten Loaded Braid X-Stiff ESP Tungsten Loaded Braid X-Stiff
17 in stock
Due to public demand for a stiffer version of the hugely popular Tungsten Loaded hooklink, we are introducing the X-Stiff. Featuring the same, super soft internal braid as the Soft and Semi-Stiff, with the same overall diameter, colours and breaking strain, the X-Stiff has extra inherent rigidity, which pushes the hookbait away at full extension from the lead while also preventing tangles, making…
Fox Camotex Semi Stiff Braid Fox Camotex Semi Stiff Braid
10 in stock
Stiff Coated Camo Braid. Camotex Stiff features a soft supple camo sinking inner braid with a stiff matt camo outer coating to create advanced combi rigs. We recommend removing the outer coating before knotting. Available in Light Camo and Dark Camo in 15lb, 20lb & 25lb breaking strains


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