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Avid Carp Zig Line Avid Carp Zig Line
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Our Reflo Zig Line really does take Zig hooklinks to the next level! Boasting two-tone technology, it's designed to break up the outline of your Zig Rig underwater to make it harder for carp to detect. It boasts incredible knot and linear strength, as well as kink resistant properties. It's supplied on a 100m spool and is available in the following breaking strains: 8lb – 0.23mm, 10lb – 0.26mm and…
Avid Depth Gauge Marker Braid Avid Depth Gauge Marker Braid
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Specifically designed marker braid Low diameter Black lines ever 30cm/12in Designed specifically for feature finding, this unique yellow braid is marked with black lines every foot. As well as making plumbing the depth easier when releasing ;line from your spool, the black lines also allow you to mark up your fishing rods with incredible accuracy when using the Avid Yard Sticks.
Avid Extremity Marker Braid Avid Extremity Marker Braid
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Designed with feature finding in mind, this low diameter braid is finished in our Outline camo colour, with black lined marks exactly every foot (12 inch/30cm). It has a low diameter, High knot strength and fantastic anti-tangle properties.
Avid Extremity Spod Braid Avid Extremity Spod Braid
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Designed Specifically for casting Spods and Spombs extreme distances, this low diameter braid has high knot strength, a super smooth finish and is extremely hard wearing.
Avid Outline Camo Braided Mainline Avid Outline Camo Braided Mainline
£29.99 - £54.99
4 in stock
The Outline Camo finish has been incorporated onto a fast sinking braided mainline. The braid features a number of different tones to break up the outline once in situ on the lakebed, meaning you can use it with confidence regardless of the lakebed or terrain you may be faced with, giving you piece of mind that you are concealing your mainline effectively. Its incredibly high knot strength and abr…
Avid Outline Camo Reel Line Avid Outline Camo Reel Line
£9.99 - £24.99
23 in stock
Avid Outline Fluoro Avid Outline Fluoro
4 in stock
- Robust super tough and strong Fluorocarbon with a high knot strength. - Two-Tone tint for maximum camouflage. - Fantastic sinking qualities. Contours perfectly on the lakebed. - Perfect for Leaders and Hooklinks. - High abrasion and low stretch. - 30lbs (13.63kgs) and 40lbs (18.18kgs) breaking strains available. - 50m spools.
Avid Outline Fluoro Soft Avid Outline Fluoro Soft
14 in stock
- Super Soft and Supple Fluorocarbon. - Two-Tone tint for maximum camouflage. - Perfect for D-Rigs and Combi rigs. - 20m spool. - 15lbs (6.81 kgs) 20lbs (9.09kgs) and 25lb (11.36kgs) breaking strains available.
Avid Outline Mono Reel Line Avid Outline Mono Reel Line
3 in stock
This incredible Reel line breaks up it’s own outline underwater, making it harder for Carp to detect than standard single colour monofilaments. The clear finish has been combined in a two tone construction with a specially developed algae coloured tint, to offer new levels of invisibility. The material itself has great knot strength but remains smooth for casting. It’s abrasion resistant qualities…
Avid Outline Zig & Floater Line Avid Outline Zig & Floater Line
8 in stock
Following the success of our Outline Camo Mainline, we have integrated some of the camouflage technology into a dedicated Zig and Floater hooklink. For this concept we have used 2 tones along the length of the line to help disguise the hooklinks outline when sat on the surface or in the upper layers, remaining unobtrusive to feeding carp. Available in 3 breaking strains to cover any situation you…
Avid Shock Tight Braided Snag Shock Leader Avid Shock Tight Braided Snag Shock Leader
2 in stock
Shock Tight is specifically designed to be used as a braided shockleader when fishing at long range, or an extreme snag leader when fishing close to snags. It's tough, durable and is finished in our Outline colours so it is virtually invisible when lay on the lake bed.
Berkley ECM 70 Brown Berkley ECM 70 Brown
5 in stock


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