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Avid Carp Hook Shots Avid Carp Hook Shots
7 in stock
Avid Hookbait Swivels Avid Hookbait Swivels
7 in stock
These Big Eye Hookbait Swivels marry the neatness of a Hook Swivel, with the convenience of a larger eye. Far less obtrusive than many other hookbait mounting swivels.
Avid PVA Links Avid PVA Links
9 in stock
Attach the PVA Link to your lead and then slide a PVA bag into the specially formed groove. A great way to avoid tangles when PVA bag fishing.
Avid Quick Change Ring Swivels 11s Avid Quick Change Ring Swivels 11s
5 in stock
The size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivels are an ideal option for chod rigs, helipcoter presentations and the hugely popular Ronnie Rig.
Avid Ring Swivels Avid Ring Swivels
12 in stock
Create safe rigs with extra movement with these high-performance size 8 Ring Swivels. An ideal option for Helicopter presentations.
Avid Swivels Avid Swivels
6 in stock
This universally used swivel has a whole host of uses, from lead clip setups to inline lead rigs. Finished with a non glare black coating and a round eye profile for added strength, the size 8 swivel is an essential item for any Carp angler. 20 per pack Non glare coating Super strong round eye profile High breaking strain
ESP Big Eye Swivel ESP Big Eye Swivel
9 in stock
- E-S-P Big Eye Swivels are a standard size 9 with an enlarged ring eye at one end - The extra diameter of this Big Eye provides extra clearance, smooth performance and less resistance - Big-Eye Swivels are also excellent on running lead arrangements and marker float set ups
ESP Clip Links ESP Clip Links
51 in stock
ESP Double Ring Swivels ESP Double Ring Swivels
7 in stock
- E-S-P Double Ring Swivels are specially designed for drop off in-line lead set ups. - One ring Provides the all important flexible hinge for the hooklink while the other, the attachment for the leadcore leader. - These set ups are particularly effective when stalking carp in weedy margins as the swivel easily pulls out to its housing allowing the lead to fall away.
ESP Ejector Lead Clips ESP Ejector Lead Clips
8 in stock
ESP High Performance Carp Swivels ESP High Performance Carp Swivels
19 in stock
- 20 per packet - Available in sizes 9, 10, 11 - 50lb test - There are lots of very similar looking swivels on the market but many of them are of totally inferior quality - ESP Hi-Performance Carp Swivels are produced in Japan to exacting engineering standards providing smooth rotation even under pressure. Pearl black metallised finish, ultra smooth with no rough edges or angles, eyes formed with…
ESP Hook Ring Swivels ESP Hook Ring Swivels
6 in stock


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