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Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves
17 in stock
Avid Bag Stems Avid Bag Stems
23 in stock
Designed so you can attach your main line directly to the top of the stem, Bag Stems allow you to pre-tie your solid bags before use. Our latest design is stronger and easier to use than ever and is now finished in our Outline camo. The bags stems also now have the swivel molded directly into the stem which increases strength and durability.
Avid Lead Clip Kit Avid Lead Clip Kit
8 in stock
Includes a click-fit Lead Clip, matching Tail Rubber and size 8 swivel. Compatible with Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves.
Avid Lead Clip Tube Kit Avid Lead Clip Tube Kit
6 in stock
The Lead Clip Tube Kit is made up of 3 ready to use rigs, comprising of 75cm of Outline Sinking Rig Tube, Tail Rubber, Lead Clip & Size 8 Swivel. You also have the option of swapping out the Size 8 Swivel for a QC Size 8 Swivel & Anti Tangle Sleeve, also supplied with the kit. Perfect for waters where leaders are not allowed, the Lead Clip Tube Kit still offers protection to both your mainline and…
Avid Lead Clips Avid Lead Clips
21 in stock
Avid QC Bag Stems Avid QC Bag Stems
29 in stock
Avid QC Drop off Stems Avid QC Drop off Stems
19 in stock
Avid created the first ever Drop Off Stem for fishing with inline leads. We’ve improved it, however, with the addition of a QC link. Compatible with Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves and all Avid inline leads.
Avid QC Lead Clip Kit Avid QC Lead Clip Kit
5 in stock
Include click-fit Lead Clips, matching Tail Rubbers, size 8 Quick-Change Swivels and an Anti Tangle Sleeves. Quantity: 5 Per Packet Terminal Tackle that’s camouflaged on every lakebed, providing a disruptive finish that’s unique to every product. Designed to blend in perfectly, using a fast-sinking materials.
Avid QC Micro Lead Clip Kit Avid QC Micro Lead Clip Kit
7 in stock
The Micro QC Lead Clip Kit has been designed with with a flat profile body and tail rubber, which allows it to sit even lower against the lakebed than a standard lead clip. The QC design is virtually indestructible, thanks to the metal wire that runs through the lead clip. Perfect of fishing in weed or with zigs, when dropping the lead on the take is essential. Finished in our unique Outline camo…
Avid Ronnie Sleeves Avid Ronnie Sleeves
4 in stock
Outline camo fleck finish Fast and convenient Available in two sizes Small (suitable for hook sizes 8-6) Large (suitable for hook sizes 4-1) 10 per packet
Avid Ronnie Sleeves Small Avid Ronnie Sleeves Small
3 in stock
Super durable Ronnie Sleeves that fit all manner of hook sizes and patterns, reusable time after time. Quick and easy to attach, making it super convenient. - Outline camo fleck finish - Fast and convenient - Available in two sizes - Small (suitable for hook sizes 8-6)
Avid Shrink Tube Avid Shrink Tube
14 in stock
A camouflaged Shrink Tubing material that enables any number of rig presentations.


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