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Daiwa Bitz Box Daiwa Bitz Box
£7.99 - £11.99
11 in stock
The perfect choice for storing weights, lures, and a range of terminal tackle spares. The Daiwa Bitz Box features a clip lock lid that ensures all your angling essentials are completely secure in storage and in transit, and offers a choice of 8, 12, or 20 individual storage compartments. Made from clear, tough plastic, the Bitz Box stands up well to the demands of active angling, and allows you to…
Guru Commercial Feeder Box Bundle Guru Commercial Feeder Box Bundle
1 in stock
Limited edition bundle 15 Feeders 40 hooklengths Perfect for Commercial feeder fishing Commercial Feeder Box Bundle suited to carp, F1s, Method and Hybrid Feeder style angling. Neatly packed into one of our renowned Guru Feeder Boxes, neat, tidy, safe and secure. They contain everything from feeders in various sizes and kinds, through to extra rig attachments such as X-Safe Stems, Feeder Links, He…
Guru Fusion Feeder Box Guru Fusion Feeder Box
2 in stock
A brand-new bespoke feeder storage and organisation system designed to fulfil all anglers needs! The Guru Fusion Feeder Box unique system allows you to pick different insets to fine tune your storage system to protect and organise your feeders and other accessories. Extra inserts enable anglers to store EVA hooklength spools, shorter method hook lengths on a specifically designed hook tray, Elasti…
Guru Fusion Feeder Box Inserts Guru Fusion Feeder Box Inserts
£4.99 - £6.99
20 in stock
Compartments & Insert spares and additions for your Guru Fusion Feeder Box.
MAP Feeder Storage Case MAP Feeder Storage Case
1 in stock
Matrix Double Sided Feeder & Tackle Box Matrix Double Sided Feeder & Tackle Box
1 in stock
Double sided tackle box specifically designed for carrying feeders Molded to securely hold feeders in place and prevent them becoming damaged. Suitable for use with either commercial or natural water feeders Designated space for method moulds or accessories Secure clips to prevent spillage even when fully loaded Strong design to support the weight of heavy river feeders Two Feeder boxes will fit i…
Matrix Storage Boxes Matrix Storage Boxes
2 in stock
Perfect for keeping your tackle organised on the bank or at home Ideal for storing items like feeders, floats, spools of line or accessories Removable internal dividers so compartments can be customised Moulded from extremely durable PP plastic Translucent dark grey finish allows visibility of items stored inside but protects from UV light Available in 3 different combinations Deep box with 8 stor…
Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box 300 Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box 300
1 in stock
The Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box 300 is a must-have for anglers looking to keep their hooklengths and shock leaders organised. With 24 EVA spools and pins, this box allows you to securely store your rigs while also providing the convenience of marking and remembering important details such as line diameter, rig length, hook model, and size. The white printing on the spools ensures easy visibi…
Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box LD355-D Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box LD355-D
2 in stock
The Nytro StarkX Feeder Rig Store Box is designed for storing longer and bigger feeders like bullet feeders, window feeders, and bait-up feeders, making it perfect for anglers who need ample space for their tackle. This tackle box features 24 EVA spools with pins to keep your rigs organized and secure, allowing you to easily identify different line diameters, rig lengths, hook models, and sizes wi…
Preston Accessory Boxes Preston Accessory Boxes
£4.99 - £6.99
7 in stock
There are three sizes of Accessory box available, all of which are perfect for housing small accessories such as swivels, beads and stops. The largest box is also useful for storing larger items like baiting needles. • Magnetic lids provide a secure fit • Perfect fit for Preston drawer units • Strong and robust construction 4 Compartment Shallow 8 Compartment Shallow 5 Compartment Deep
Preston Drawer Organiser Inserts Preston Drawer Organiser Inserts
5 in stock
Designed to fit directly into both Absolute and Inception Mag-Lok drawer units with removeable dividers, the draw organiser allows the angler to segregate their terminal tackle in an organised manor. Manufactured from strong ABS plastic and featuring line spool locators as well as locations for Shot/Stotz dispensers and Preston Accessory boxes, these are the perfect option for anyone looking to ma…
Preston Hardcase Accessory Box Preston Hardcase Accessory Box
2 in stock
Hardcase Accessory Box Perfect for keeping a wide array of accessories safe and secure from delicate pellet wagglers and pole floats through to feeders. The Hardcase Accessory box is secured with two positive clips which in conjunction with the TPE gasket help to keep the contents of the box dry. The three sectioned divider supplied is ideal for separating out different styles of feeders or floats…


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