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Bait-Tech 2kg Fishmeal Carp Feed Pellets Bait-Tech 2kg Fishmeal Carp Feed Pellets
22 in stock
Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse Pellets Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse Pellets
In stock
The ultimate premium coarse feed pellet! A good quality feed pellet is a must to get the fish in your swim actively searching for food. An amino profile that boasts long range attractors, these pellets have a quick breakdown that suits pleasure and match fishing perfectly. With sizes ranging from micro 2mm to 8mm this pellet range boasts consistency in shape and size and covers every angling disci…
Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellet Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellet
£4.29 - £5.29
In stock
Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets, If there is one type of pellet you could use for the rest of your fishing days then you would choose Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets the ultimate big fish bait. Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets are a proven big fish catcher in the specimen world and equally as effective for smaller commercial Carp, or river Barbel. These high protein, high oil pellets are packed…
Bait-Tech Krill Pellets Bait-Tech Krill Pellets
2 in stock
Bait-Tech Soft Hook Pellets Bait-Tech Soft Hook Pellets
9 in stock
Our soft Hook Pellets are made from premium expander pellets pumped with gelatine and additional fishmeals & flavours tomake these pellets user friendly and brilliant fish catchers.
Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets
60 in stock
Hugely appealing to all species of fish these pellets take on a naturally sticky property when soaked and softened. No need for additional binders as the natural binding qualities stick the pellets with just a small amount of soaking. Attraction guaranteed. Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets boast high quality ingredients and offer a food source for fish that is unrivalled. Soaked, they become a tacky…
Bait-Tech Xpand Expander Pellet Bait-Tech Xpand Expander Pellet
In stock
Blakes Carp Pellets Blakes Carp Pellets
59 in stock
• Highly palatable and will give the best nutritional benefit to your fish. • New extruder technology produces a more digestible, stable pellet with less dust. • Made from the optimum mix of ingredients. • Designed for an all-round performance. Low in oil and high in betaine sinking pellets. Ideal for year-round use in large volumes.
Blakes Commercial Masters Ground Coarse Expander Pellets Blakes Commercial Masters Ground Coarse Expander Pellets
14 in stock
Blakes Commercial Masters Pure Ground Expander Pellets Blakes Commercial Masters Pure Ground Expander Pellets
6 in stock
Blakes Match Expanders 700g Blakes Match Expanders 700g
35 in stock


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