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Cralusso Bolo Floats Cralusso Bolo Floats
10 in stock
Cralusso Rocket Light Slider Cralusso Rocket Light Slider
39 in stock
Cralusso Rocket Slider Floats Cralusso Rocket Slider Floats
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Cralusso UFO Floats Cralusso UFO Floats
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Daiwa Carpa Loaded Balsa Pellet Waggler Daiwa Carpa Loaded Balsa Pellet Waggler
62 in stock
Carpa Balsa Pellet Wagglers are designed around Will Raisons original tried and tested designs. He has hand made dozens of versions, eventually perfecting the flight shape and float to load ratio in three sizes. Each features hi-viz built in flights and a fully loaded brass base. Easily adjusted, the base also carries a lightweight splash disc (and spare) to halt the float diving. Balsa is recogni…
Dave Harrell Alloy Avon No.1 Dave Harrell Alloy Avon No.1
31 in stock
What Dave Harrell says... These floats are designed for fishing with a bulk rig around two to three feet from the hook and one or two droppers, either No4 or No6 shot, below. The tip diameter of this float is critical in my opinion and you will notice that the diameters get progressively thicker as the floats get bigger. To help choose the right size of float, as a general guide, use 1g for every…
Dave Harrell Alloy Avon No.2 Dave Harrell Alloy Avon No.2
64 in stock
What Dave Harrell says... Like its older brother, the No1 Shallow Water Stick, this pattern has been designed for situations where you need a short float. This new design is much more sensitive than the original, though, and is better for species like roach and dace. A strung out shotting pattern is recommended for the four smaller sizes while a small bulk shotting arrangement can be used with the…
Dave Harrell Balsa Missile Dave Harrell Balsa Missile
3 in stock
What Dave Harrell says... This is a great float for targeting barbel and chub in fast shallow water. It’s the perfect float for any fast water situation where buoyancy and visibility are the key requirements. I always use this pattern with an olivette rather than a bulk of shot as it’s far less prone to tangle this way and casts much better too. Below the olivette, which is fixed about 18 inches t…
Dave Harrell Dome Alloy Stick Dave Harrell Dome Alloy Stick
14 in stock
What Dave Harrell says... There are days when a big stick float with strung out shots works much better than a float with a bulk shot arrangement. I realised this many years ago on deep River Severn swims and also on other rivers like the Trent and Wye. Use a No4 shot per foot of water so for a 10ft deep swim a 10no4 float is the one to go for.
Dave Harrell Heavy Base No.1 Stick Dave Harrell Heavy Base No.1 Stick
8 in stock
Another totally unique pattern. This one has a dome top but also features a heavy 2.4mm aluminium stem. It’s the pattern to go for when you need more visibility than the shouldered No1 version and is ideal for running long distances down fast flowing swims. This pattern and the No1 float are both best fished with strung out shotting, spread from around 1ft below the float right the way down to wit…
Dave Harrell Heavy Base No.2 Stick Dave Harrell Heavy Base No.2 Stick
16 in stock
Another brand new and totally unique design. This pattern features a shouldered top and a heavy 2.4mm aluminium stem, which gives the float significantly more weight than any previous designs. This makes the floats easy to use for distance casting and gives the angler much better control in pacy water. They’re especially good in downstream wind as the float ‘sits in’ and the line can be easily men…


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