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Browning Pole Protector Bung Browning Pole Protector Bung
3 in stock
Colmic Hollow Elastic Colmic Hollow Elastic
£11.99 - £21.99
19 in stock
Colmic Joint Cleaner Colmic Joint Cleaner
11 in stock
Connekt Carbocore Elastic Connekt Carbocore Elastic
4 in stock
Carbon Black Nano Core for Extra Strength and Endurance Fast Recovery 8 Times Stretch Factor Silky Smooth Low Friction Extra Long Life Built in Lubrication
Connekt Hollow Elastic Connekt Hollow Elastic
7 in stock
Daiwa Custom Nose Cone Daiwa Custom Nose Cone
£4.25 - £41.25
5 in stock
Using ‘Pure PTFE’ this selection of nose cones will transform your poles performance with speed of section assembly and elastic travel. Custom designed in the UK to fit Daiwa pole sections, The Daiwa Custom Fit Nose Cones will ‘push and click’ perfectly into the No3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9’s. The chamfer rounded edge ensures easier pole assembly and joint edge. The nose cone for the No3 section also as…
Daiwa Double Rock & Roller Pole Roller Daiwa Double Rock & Roller Pole Roller
9 in stock
Featuring the original double roller concept for added pole stability, they also tilt to follow the preferred angle of travel from the pole. Each features twin three part rollers and rotating uprights that collapse for packing. Available in two widths of 65 and 75cm but both with a roller height range of 56cm up to 88cm.
Daiwa HybridLastic Daiwa HybridLastic
2 in stock
High endurance solid elastic with extensive stretch factor Ideal for mixed fisheries & puller kits plus lower diameter top kits Colours and ratings match Hydrolastic 3m lengths Yellow - 3-5 - 1mm Pink - 4-6 - 1.2mm Blue - 5-8 - 1.4mm White - 6-10 - 1.6mm Grey - 10-14 - 1.8mm Black - 12-16 - 2mm
Daiwa Hydrolastic Connectors Daiwa Hydrolastic Connectors
In stock
Match your connector to your hydro, Comes supplied with the 2 connectors and 2 matching puller beads.
Daiwa Hydrolastic Daiwa Hydrolastic
15 in stock
Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within one set up which is perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues. Hook a big fish and Hydrolastic will increase to a higher rating as it is loaded with more 'give' than standard heavy elastics. Unlike other types Hydrolastic has a hollow co…
Daiwa Pole Cup Set Daiwa Pole Cup Set
42 in stock
Dave Harrell Silicone Rubber Tubing Dave Harrell Silicone Rubber Tubing
26 in stock
What Dave Harrell says... Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware that many anglers struggle to get hold of good quality silicone rubber. Even more of a problem it appears is getting a full range of diameters that will cover everything from thin stemmed pole floats up to bulbous top stick floats and Avons. It’s a problem I have faced myself in the past and there’s nothing worse th…


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