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Drennan Soft Stretch Anchors Drennan Soft Stretch Anchors
38 in stock
Drennan Soft Stretch Anchors have extra long-life durability, retain their elasticity and have a special soft-stretch property that minimises the pressure on stored pole rigs.
Garbolino Deluxe Pole Winder Anchor Garbolino Deluxe Pole Winder Anchor
32 in stock
Deluxe pole winder anchors which come with a metal hook to attach your rig to.
Garbolino Pole Anchors Garbolino Pole Anchors
In stock
Super stretch latex pole winder anchors.
MAP Slider Pole Winders MAP Slider Pole Winders
3 in stock
Ultra-durable pole winders that feature a sliding anchor that eliminates the need for a pole anchor. this sliding anchor can be moved the full length of the pole winder. There is also a pin on each end of the pole winder, meaning you can wind your rig on the pole winder anyway you like 13cm - Green (10 per pack) 19cm - Blue (10 per pack) 26cm - Pink (5 per pack)
MAP Winder Tray Indicators MAP Winder Tray Indicators
23 in stock
Preston Double Winder Box Preston Double Winder Box
19 in stock
The Inbox Winder Boxes fit in the shallow side drawers of the OnBox range enabling different rigs to be interchanged depending on requirements. 13cm Box - 20 Winders. 18cm Box - 14 Winders. 26cm Box - 9 Winders.
Preston Double Winders Preston Double Winders
53 in stock
The sliding anchor can be moved along the full legnth of the winder. There is a small retaining spike at both ends of the slider so it doesn't matter which way you wind your rig on. The tapered 'V' hook holding slot can acommodate hooks as small as size 26 without damage. 10 Per Pack.
Preston Interlok Slider Winders Preston Interlok Slider Winders
24 in stock
Interlok Slider Winders are high quality winders that can be used in conjunction with the Interlok winder trays. The winders are extremely strong and feature slider anchors on each side, these run right up to the end of the winder allowing you to easily hook the loop on. Available in three sizes; Interlok Slider Winders - 13cm Yellow Interlok Slider Winders - 18cm Red Interlok Slider Winders - 26c…
Preston Winder Anchors Preston Winder Anchors
8 in stock
Sensas Mixed Elastic Anchors Sensas Mixed Elastic Anchors
11 in stock
Supplied in 3 colours so you can code the length of your rigs. One simple system is to attach all your Top 3 rigs with one colour, another for Top 4’s and the last for Top 5‘s. Lets you see quickly the length of each rig.
Stonfo Kriss Kross Anchors Stonfo Kriss Kross Anchors
18 in stock
Kriss winder anchors Available in two sizes: 1 - Max length 22cm 2 - Max length 35cm 12 per pack.
Stonfo Latex Anchors Stonfo Latex Anchors
21 in stock
Our best selling Deluxe Pole Winder Anchors! 20 per pack.


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