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Why use a pole rather than a rod and reel? Well, the right pole will enable you to fish with greater accuracy. You can place your bait exactly where you want it and there is little chance of any tangling. Your pole lets you seek out the subtle features you are looking for such as underwater ledges and depth changes.

You can hold your bait easily against the current and your hookbait behaves naturally. If you miss a bite then simply lift your rig from the water and then replace it in your chosen hotspot.

Types of Fishing Pole

There are three types of pole for you to consider. Margin poles are the shortest style and are generally up to 10m in length. These are strong poles which are designed for catching the large specimens which inhabit the margins.

Carp poles are extremely strong and are designed to take the strain out of catching large and powerful fish. Carp poles will not break under the stress of successive catches. These poles are available in lengths of 10m to 17m.

Match poles are the stiffest and lightest option and are designed to catch large volumes of small to medium sized fish. They lend themselves to precision and are generally 14m to 16m in length. Match poles are fashioned from the highest grade carbon and so are the most costly choice.

How to Choose the Perfect Pole

It is best to select the longest pole that your budget allows as this will give you the most flexibility. The longer the pole then the more areas and features you will be able to exploit. You don't need to fully extend the pole every time you use it and if you are a beginner you can practice your technique with the pole only partly extended.

The best poles are light and offer exceptional balance making it easier to hold the pole for an extended period of time. It is worth investing in the best pole that you can afford. Stiffer poles are easier to control in windy conditions and fish won't be bumped off when they strike due to excessive flex in the pole.

Pole Stars

At Nathan's of Derby we offer an unrivalled range of fishing poles from the world's finest manufacturers. Fashioned from advanced carbon fibre materials and supplied with match and/or power kits, our poles give you the elite performance and options that you are looking for. Choose your pole from the Daiwa, Drennan, MAP, Matrix, Rive, Preston, Sensas and Browning collections.

Too much too take in? Contact our friendly team as they will be able to help you choose a pole which provides the performance you need and at a price you can afford.

Browning Black Magic II Slimlite Browning Black Magic II Slimlite
1 in stock
The Black Magic Slimlite shares the advanced features of the “BM Gold” pole, but at a lower cost. This is a strong, sturdy, but amazingly light pole, suitable for any type of fishing - and any sized fish. The pole has pre-bushed topkits (so no cutting needed) and is supplied with one of our short Pole Protector mini sections, plus a pole holdall. Rated for elastics up to 20. Supplied with: 1 x 9.5…
Browning Universal Power Kit Browning Universal Power Kit
3 in stock
Browning Universal Power Kit compatible with many makes of Pole including Browning, MAP, Sensas, Daiwa etc.
Browning Xitan Spare Sections Browning Xitan Spare Sections
£54.99 - £89.99
6 in stock
Daiwa Air Whip Daiwa Air Whip
£139.99 - £499.99
1 in stock
Super MSG HVF Carbon Technology Carbon Solid Tip Top 3 Telescopic Supplied with two spare Top 3 match kits for elastication
Daiwa Air Z Pro Pole Daiwa Air Z Pro Pole
£3,975.00 - £5,075.00
5 in stock
AIR is the absolute optimum level in Daiwa's rod and pole design. Undoubtedly the AIR Z pole has held the reputation as the best out there. Now, utilising new and ultra high grade nanoalloy carbons, our design team have elevated what was already regarded as the ultimate performance creating the DAIWA AIR Z PRO! Hyper MSG and improved nanoplus carbons Bias Carbon V-JOINTα All kits cut and fitted wi…
Daiwa Airity X Pole Daiwa Airity X Pole
£2,099.99 - £3,099.99
3 in stock
Super MSG nanoplus technology X45 ‘anti compression’ zones on 9, 10 & 11 All kits cut and fitted with PTFE bushes All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone Interlastic side puller on power kits Diamond Satin slide easy paint on 8, 9, 10 & 11 ITS taping on 5, 6 & 7 Choose your package from a More Power or More Match kit Holdall MORE POWER KIT PACK (DAPMPKP-BU): 2 x Match Top 4 Kits Fitted with 3m…
Daiwa Airity XLS Daiwa Airity XLS
£1,799.99 - £2,699.99
3 in stock
The heightened hoop strength and upgrade of compression zones with X45 have been the perfect starting point for this XLS edition of the Airity. Our extra long section concept has now taken what was already seen by some as a masterpiece to a whole new place. When assembled to full length the enhanced feel is truly outstanding. All other refinements of the Airity comes as standard including the opti…
Daiwa Connoisseur G90 Pole Daiwa Connoisseur G90 Pole
£174.99 - £1,569.99
10 in stock
Features - Super MSG Nanoplus, V-Joint, ITS Taping, Diamond Satin Paint, Section Alignment System. MORE POWER PACKAGE Pre-Bushed 3mm PTFE Tip Supplied With PHEX 5 Mini Extension 1 x Match Top 3 Kits 3 x DILPK4.7-AU 2 x DILPK5.8-AU 1 x Daiwa Zoom Cupping Kit 1 x Daiwa Pole Cup Set 1 x Holdall MORE MATCH PACKAGE Pre-Bushed 3mm PTFE Tip Supplied With PHEX 5 Mini Extension 3 x Match Top 3 Kits 2 x DIL…
Daiwa Connoisseur G90 XLS Pole Daiwa Connoisseur G90 XLS Pole
1 in stock
Without doubt the Connoisseur has been our most popular pole choice across its many editions. The latest G50, now benefitting from XLS, sees that trademark performance improve even further. The pole only option and kit package selections remain; More Power or More Match. Fitted with a match kit: available separately at 2.9 and 4.4m. Also available in a 13.0m option which comes supplied with a spar…
Daiwa F1 Interlastic Speed Kit Daiwa F1 Interlastic Speed Kit
£69.99 - £115.00
34 in stock
Daiwa Generic Pole Sections Daiwa Generic Pole Sections
£95.00 - £190.00
18 in stock
These will fit most UK manufactured poles. Please note the 5 & 6 will not fit the Whisker range of poles.


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