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Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods
£589.99 - £639.99
3 in stock
Our highest level of rod technology; ever! The torque busting technology of X45X, not only aids accuracy but but more importantly converts the highest levels of rod energy into your cast. Combine this 'wizardry' with High Volume Fibre that is morphed together with nano scale reinforcements throughout the resin and you get a level of blank strength and performance that is hard to believe. But we ha…
Daiwa Airity X Slim Feeder Rods Daiwa Airity X Slim Feeder Rods
£489.99 - £549.99
4 in stock
X45X Full Shield HVF nanoplus V-Joint Alpha Slim blank profiles with flex and power Choice of Power editions Tournament reel seat Hard EVA handle with Armlock Megatop QT’s Two piece rods
Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder
1 in stock
9/10ft only is the original version. X45 Technology HVF Nanoplus V-Joint Anti Tangle LS Guides Matt Black Daiwa Tournament Reel Seat with EVA Fore Grip Cork/EVA Armlock Handle Supplied with three Megatop Quiver Tips
Daiwa Matchman Feeder Rod Daiwa Matchman Feeder Rod
19 in stock
The Matchman rods will simply astonish when first handled. Their lightness, balance and recovery betray their affordable price point. HMC Carbon Blanks Stainless Steel Guides With Ceramic Cork Foregrip And Reel Lock EVA Rear Armlock Grip Downlocking DPS Reel Seat Hook Holder Supplied With Two DCF Quiver Tips
Daiwa Matchman Mini Method Feeder Rods Daiwa Matchman Mini Method Feeder Rods
11 in stock
HMC High Modulus Plus carbon fibre Cork EVA handle with Armlock Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic inner Supplied with 2 DCF quiver tips Hook Keeper
Daiwa Ninja Feeder BU Daiwa Ninja Feeder BU
1 in stock
Premium carbon blanks EVA fore grip DPS downlocking reel seat Cork with EVA armlock handle Stainless Steel frame guides with Titanium Oxide Rings Hook keeper Supplied with 2 quiver tips
Daiwa Ninja X Feeder Rods Daiwa Ninja X Feeder Rods
£89.99 - £94.99
9 in stock
Premium carbon blanks Versatile actions for wide line rating range Cork fore grip Down locking reel seat Hard EVA Armlock handle Black Stainless Steel frame guides with Titanium Oxide Rings Hook Keeper
Daiwa NZon EXT Feeder Rods Daiwa NZon EXT Feeder Rods
£59.99 - £79.99
4 in stock
The EXT concept is a bit of space saving genius. You get the performance of a two section rod with shorter pack down convenience. Performance is also assured thanks to High Modulus Carbon Plus throughout as well as the enhanced feel and balance from carbon quivers. The cork/EVA handle features Armlock as well as a down locking reel seat. N'ZON EXT 10’ & 11’ FEEDER (NZEXT10Q-AX & NZEXT11Q-AX) These…
Daiwa NZon Feeder Rods Daiwa NZon Feeder Rods
£57.99 - £62.99
21 in stock
This N'ZON feeder series offers a broad range of rods for light method feeder fishing up to extra-heavy feeder work on rivers. The series is distinguished by their slim, well-balanced, tough blanks. The Armlock handle aids handling handle when applying power and features an embedded Daiwa logo. N’ZON MINI METHOD FEEDER (NZF1002Q-AX) Classic method feeder rods with a parabolic action. These allow f…
Daiwa NZon PBR Feeding Rod Daiwa NZon PBR Feeding Rod
1 in stock
Introducing the Daiwa N'Zon PBR Feeding Rod; these two specialised Pre Bait Rods are perfect for handling large pre-bait feeders with their powerful casting actions. The highly sought-after 'PBR' pre-baiting rod is a favorite among serious feeder anglers, particularly in tournaments or situations where a significant amount of bait needs to be fed in advance. The Rods extra long handle is designed…
Daiwa NZon S Feeder Rods Daiwa NZon S Feeder Rods
8 in stock
Offered in 10, 11, 12 and 13’ lengths the Method editions are 2pc whilst the others are a convenient 3pc. Models in the lighter category, like the versatile 11Q will serve all styles of still or slow river work with loads up to 60g. However at the top of the scale the 13’ XXXPQ will comfortably handle loads up to 180g and 12lb mainlines. Each is furnished with LS ceramic rings, a DPS reel seat, EV…
Daiwa NZon Super Slim Feeder Rods Daiwa NZon Super Slim Feeder Rods
£84.99 - £114.99
8 in stock
The Super Slim range uses HMC+ to deliver a reduced diameter whilst retaining superb casting properties, blank recovery and fish playing feel. Their balanced performance of power and lightness is enhanced by the use of weight saving SeaGuide D Ring guides and carbon quiver tips. Featuring a downlocking reel seat with a cork foregrip, the handle below is shaped EVA with our classic Armlock. This is…


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