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Berkley Bullet Pop 60 Berkley Bullet Pop 60
5 in stock
Crafted to deliver exciting top water action, the Berkley® Bullet Pop combines versatility and proven popper action. Its sleek tail weighted design provides excellent casting performance while the tapered back provides a flat surface for added flash. Not only does the Bullet Pop’s cupped mouth deliver a classic spit and surface swell but its unique balance allows anglers of all skill levels to eas…
Fishzone Bait Fish 4.7 Fishzone Bait Fish 4.7" Lure
18 in stock
Gunki Dogora 65F Gunki Dogora 65F
23 in stock
Here is a shallow crankbait that displaces lots of water despite its modest size. The head swings from left to right in a wiggling action that coupled with a flat and deep body and unique vibrations make this a particularly attractive lure for pike. But rest assured all predators will have a go at a Dogora (it is just the pike often get there first!)
Gunki FixFlash Gunki FixFlash
3 in stock
Gunki Gamera 39F Gunki Gamera 39F
28 in stock
The Gunki Gamera 39F may be small, but it packs a punch in the water. Its chunky body and large lip create a wake that attracts attention as soon as you start reeling it in. Whether you prefer a steady retrieve or the occasional twitch, this lure will flash its flanks and entice fish to strike. It floats naturally but can be transformed into a slow sinker by adding a 00 swivel. With its ideal size…
Gunki Gamera 39HW Gunki Gamera 39HW
4 in stock
The Gamera 39HW is a smaller version of the Gamera HW designed specifically for flowing water. With its slim line body profile and low centre of gravity, this lure ensures stability even in strong currents. With a carefully adjusted the body density to make it heavy enough to navigate fish holding holes while maintaining its natural movement. The lip of the lure features a tight angle, striking th…
Gunki Gigan 39F Gunki Gigan 39F
24 in stock
Gunki Gigan 55F Gunki Gigan 55F
2 in stock
A 55 mm crankbait that is quickly detected by any nearby predators thanks to the large amount of water it displaces. This is an all-round lure that can easily be worked round branches and obstacles. The lip has been made using a polycarbonate plastic which is very solid. Ideal for anglers who like to fish 'bottom tapping' style. The Gigan is designed to be fished deep where its pronounced wobbling…
Gunki Hedorah 55 F Gunki Hedorah 55 F
2 in stock
HEDORA 55 is a little popper that is both compact and stable. Great for gliding and popping! Surprisingly heavy for its size the weight helps both with casting accuracy and creating those all important noisy pops following sharp pulls of the rod. We have worked hard on the shape of the lure so that the first sprays of water as it hits the surface set of a stream of micro bubbles which fox and intr…
Gunki Jiger Jig 8G Gunki Jiger Jig 8G
23 in stock
Introducing the Gunki Jiger Jig 8G; a small lead-free metal lure, specifically designed for jigging, the perfect choice for zander and perch fishing. With its unique shape and center of gravity, this lure offers an erratic and disorientated action when worked under the rod, while effortlessly recovering to a horizontal position after each pull, enticing attacks from the fish. The carefully designe…
Gunki Kraken F Gunki Kraken F
1 in stock
Buoyant crankbaits that are perfect for fishing in the snaggiest of swims. Kraken lures displace loads of water thanks to their chunky body shape and this coupled with their frenetic wobble and roll action (from the square bib) mean fish just can’t miss them! They cast well and dive to about 1 metre. Weighing in at 9.6g and 14.6g these lures work best when wound back hard. Predators simply can’t r…


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