Carp and Specimen

Specimen anglers of all persuasions can source everything they need at Nathan's of Derby. Whether you are in pursuit of carp, catfish, pike, roach or barbel we have the fishing tackle, equipment, bait and clothing you require to set you up perfectly for a successful trip. Our range has been carefully selected from the planet's finest brands to ensure that you only ever need to visit one fishing shop. World class specimens are within your compass when you treat yourself to the right equipment and advice from Nathan's of Derby.

Carp and Specimen Fishing Tackle

Choose from the finest rods and reels from the Daiwa, Fox, Avid Carp, Sonik Sports and Shimano collections. There is no substitute for the right tackle and you can treat yourself to the very latest equipment here at Nathan's. We also offer the terminal tackle and bite alarms which will ensure that it is you who lands the prize winning catch.

Bait and Attractants

With our boilies, pop ups, pellets, base mixes, hook bait and ground bait you can create a gourmet feast that no specimen fish could possibly resist. You can also develop your own a la carte menu with our liquid attractants, additives and syrups. Our range features a mind boggling array of flavours to savour and hunger inducing compounds that will spark a feeding frenzy. Drawn from the highly regarded Sonu Baits, Dynamite Baits, Mainline Baits and Star Baits collections plus many more, you will have every alluring flavour at your disposal.

Shelter and Furniture

So you have your tackle and bait all sorted out but you are going to be spending a long time by the water. Why not maximise your enjoyment of the trip by investing in the best bivvy? Don't forget to treat yourself to the perfect chair or bedchair whilst you are here. If you need cooking equipment, lighting and a sleeping bag then we have these too. With the pick of the Korum, Rod Hutchinson, Nash and Trakker ranges here at Nathan's you can put together the perfect set-up for even the longest trip.

Fishing Clothing

We haven't forgotten that you need to be dressed appropriately for your adventures. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! We have a comprehensive clothing collection offering hoodies, t shirts, trousers, jackets, all weather suits and accessories.

At Nathan's of Derby we understand that when you are looking to stock up on bait or to update your fishing tackle, you don't really want to wait a long time before you receive it. Our large stores and warehouse facility enable us to hold huge stocks so you can get your hands on what you need right now. We always price to please and our expert staff are on hand if you require further information.

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