Seat Boxes

No fishing trip can be the best that it can be without the comfort and convenience of a great seat box. Providing the organised storage that you need, a comfortable seat and the freedom of movement to fish successfully with a pole, a great seat box is a must have addition to your gear.

Why a Seat Box?

Fishing from a chair can make using a pole more difficult as your movement and position will be restricted. This can lead to back pain and the annoyance of tangles. With a seat box you can adopt the right posture and you can be seated with the pole across your lap. The box is the perfect storage facility for your rig, tools and gear and will keep everything tidy but easily to hand. You are also able to add useful accessories to your seat box including bump bars, a pole belt and further drawers.

Seat Boxes from Nathan's of Derby

Don't labour on with your tired old equipment! We have assembled the finest collection of seat boxes that you will find anywhere. We are sure to have the perfect seat box for your needs and one which suits your budget. Every model in our range is a little different and offers a unique combination of benefits. You may prefer a simple set up with a single compartment under the seat section. Maybe a more complex arrangement with several drawers and special features would suit you better. Either way, with our extensive range of accessories including drawers, arms and pole supports you can truly customise your seat box.

We have selected the models which feature in our collection from the world's leading brands. With seat boxes from Daiwa, Preston, Matrix, Sensas and Rive to choose from, one of them is sure to have your name on it! We have the perfect seat boxes for everyone from the occasional angler to the accomplished professional. We understand that beginners may not wish to spend the earth and so our range encompasses affordable, entry level seat boxes as well as top of the range, elite level models. You really are spoilt for choice!

Finishing Touches

When you have chosen the best seat box for you, don't forget to add those all-important extras which will complete your kit. We have the bait buckets, umbrellas and trolleys that provide the perfect finishing touches.

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