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Drennan In-Line Shallow Crystal Float: 0.30g

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With the line passing directly through the fluorescent tip and body, this unique in-line design radically reduces wrap over tangles associated with fishing shallow. This tangle-free feature is also a huge advantage when repeatedly slapping the rig on the surface to mimic the impact of loose feeding pellet.

In-line shallow Crystals® are also perfect for fishing tight to far bank cover, commercial islands or in shallow margin pegs. The transparent Crystal® body ensures the float is much less conspicuous to wary fish, which is a massive advantage over traditionally painted pole floats, especially on heavily fished waters.

Four sizes from 0.2g up to 0.5g allow the float to be fished with a variety of baits and the highly visible Red, Orange or Yellow Glow-tips stand out equally well against dark cover or open water.

• In-line, tangle-free design, ultra-tough construction, x times stronger than foam or balsa bodied floats.

• Crystal® unobtrusive, see-through body with clear fibre-glass stem. Perfect for fishing shallow, simply more effective than solid coloured floats

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