Drennan Vertex Medium Feeder Rods


Classic Medium feeder rods which are ideal for stillwater Bream and skimmers as well as river work for Chub and Bream.

Both have the required mellow actions which help play fish softly and so avoiding hook pulls. At the same time these have enough backbone to put the brakes on a chub diving for cover and even small commercial Carp.

Accurate casting at ranges of approximately 40m (11ft) and 50m( 12ft) with feeders up to about 45g is comfortable. Reel lines are in the range 4lb (1.8kg) to 6lb (2.7kg) although the 11ft could be matched with as low as 3lb (1.4kg). Some may even match these with braided reel lines to help with shy biting fish.

Both 11ft and 12ft rods come with push-in Feedertips of 1 1/2oz glass and 2 1/2oz carbon with differing test curve tips easily bought to extend further their versatility. Using a slightly stiffer 3oz Feedertip will still closely follow the blank and should pose no problems although if you need to use even stiffer/stronger Feedertips then the Carp Feeder versions might be an even better choice as they have the same action but a little more power.

Just like other Vertex Feeder rods being two piece these can also be stored and transported made-up in a ready rod sleeve or hardcase.

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