Frenzee Precision FXT 16m Pack

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The New Precision FXT 16m Pole has to be seen to be believed. New carbon fibre technology has enabled us to develop a pole that is not only Super Stiff but has the quality to cope with the rigours of modern match fishing.

The design of this incorporates brand new technology using exclusive mandrels enabling Frenzee to produce the finest balance achievable in a 16 meter pole.

Packed with added features we have simplified a confusing market by constructing a pole that doesn’t carry a multitude of differing length sections. Short 4s, long 4s, parallel 4s have all gone as we produce a number 4 and 5 section that actually make your pole better the longer you use it. Frenzee introduce the Medium number 4 and 5 sections. These special sections have been developed for several reasons:

They have the longer length of the long 4 with all the rigidity of the short 4.

The Medium 4 also curves in line with the pole a lot better than a short 4 thus taking more stress from your top kit.

The benefits of both in 1 simple section.

As well as this the Precision FXT comes with just 1 design of top kit! The ‘Super 2’ is a new breed of kit that is as stiff and light as a match top 3 yet has all the power of a power top 2! All come supplied with side slots for puller fishing.

A host of added extras including JAS (Frenzee’s Joint Alignment System), distance markers and a slick glide finish are just a few of the advanced extras included with this pole. It really does have to be seen to be believed!

The Precision FXT is pole technology taken to the extreme. It’s everything you could ever need in a top end pole. This is a tool that won’t disappoint!

Pole package comprises of:

1 x 16m Pole

1 x Dolly But Extension

8 x Top 2 Kits (7 plus 1 in the pole)

1 x Cupping Kit

1 x Spare Number 4 section

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