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Frenzee Precision FXT Feeder


A new range of Blanks that ooze class! These rods will simply handle anything and everything thrown at them!

An anti-lock parabolic action makes playing fish a dream as all the lunges are absorbed by the super slim High Modulus blanks. A floorless curve leaves you safe in the knowledge that pressure distribution is even and with SiC guides throughout, line recovery is fabulous. Added extras in abundance, you simply must pick one up! No matter whether small shy biting skimmers or big angry carp, this range will suit the lot!

Precision FXT 10’ Feeder comes supplies with 3 push in all carbon tips. The use of glass tips has been exempt in favour of superior performance. The tips supplied in ½ oz, 1 oz and 1 ½ oz come in their own plastic tube for protection which all fits neatly inside the attractive cloth bag. With a line rating of 3-8lb and a distance guide of 50m, this rod outperforms all its competitors.

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