Code: NH4

Garbolino Landing Net Blue


Superb carp landing net heads designed specifically to help anglers who are using hair-rigs for carp fishing. The fine soft mesh is small enough not to trap and snap the hair off the hook when a carp wriggles in the net. This saves valuable time and also helps keep the bait on the hair which means that you can be fishing again in no time at all potentially putting several more fish in the net by the end of the match! The strong, robust yet lightweight alloy 'D' frame has been reversed to stop your shot being moved up the line when netting fish. EVA sides also help increase the net's buoyancy in water and make it easier to lift, hold, and unhook big fish.

Also comes with brass screw thread for longer life. These nets have an angled spoon shape which makes netting big fish so simple! Angling Foundation approved.

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