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Gunki Gigan 55F Gunki Gigan 55F
2 in stock
A 55 mm crankbait that is quickly detected by any nearby predators thanks to the large amount of water it displaces. This is an all-round lure that can easily be worked round branches and obstacles. The lip has been made using a polycarbonate plastic which is very solid. Ideal for anglers who like to fish 'bottom tapping' style. The Gigan is designed to be fished deep where its pronounced wobbling…
Gunki Scatter SB W45 Gunki Scatter SB W45
2 in stock
Sensas 1/2 Styl Dispenser Sensas 1/2 Styl Dispenser
3 in stock
Styl weights have been used for decades by some of the world's top anglers. Even today, they are perfect for making a slow falling on the drop shotting, or fine adjustments to delicate rigs. The 1/2 Styls are very similar to Stotz.
Sensas 174 No.7 Section Sensas 174 No.7 Section
1 in stock
Sensas 194 No.7 Section Sensas 194 No.7 Section
1 in stock
Sensas 3000 Carp Tasty Groundbait 1kg Sensas 3000 Carp Tasty Groundbait 1kg
14 in stock
Sensas 3000 Skimmer 1kg Sensas 3000 Skimmer 1kg
2 in stock
As the name suggests, this is a groundbait developed specifically for skimmer fishing. Suited to both initial and top up feeding. The mix is relatively light and orange coloured, perfect for shallow lakes and canals and fishing up in the water.
Sensas 3012 HTN Sensas 3012 HTN
11 in stock
Sensas 3065 HTN Sensas 3065 HTN
30 in stock
Sensas 3410 HTN Sensas 3410 HTN
39 in stock
Sensas 3411 HTN Sensas 3411 HTN
45 in stock
Sensas 3530 HTN Sensas 3530 HTN
8 in stock


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