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Fox Predator 49 strand Anti Kink Wire Fox Predator 49 strand Anti Kink Wire
3 in stock
There’s nothing worse than casting out a new trace, only to have it kinked by a fish first cast. Our new 49-Strand Steel Wire is virtually kink proof and will withstand catch after catch, whilst providing total protection when targeting all species with sharp teeth. • Super supple 49-strand wire • Kink resistant • Can be crimped • Available in 12kg(26lb) and 18kg(40lb)
Fox Predator Bait Poppers Fox Predator Bait Poppers
18 in stock
Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing over weed. Their bright red colour provides an added attraction, provoking predators into attacking.
Fox Predator Crimps Fox Predator Crimps
10 in stock
Our crimps have been specifically designed to be used with our new 49-Strand Steel Wire. When used with our crimping tool they provide a very secure connection that won’t let you down. • For use with Fox Rage Predator 49-Strand Steel Wire • Use with Fox Rage Predator Crimping Tool • As secure as knotting • Black nickel finish
Fox Predator Float Stops Fox Predator Float Stops
12 in stock
Designed to give superior grip on braided and mono lines as a result of the increased surface contact area. An essential piece of kit for anglers who float fish for predators. They are available in both black or red.
Fox Predator MK2 Pike Swinger Fox Predator MK2 Pike Swinger
10 in stock
Our adjustable swinger arm indicators provide the perfect bite indication for the angler that prefers to ledger for predators. The weight on the arm can be slid along to adjust the sensitivity when required. • Bright orange body to help spot baits • Ball clip releases mainline with minimal resistance • Adjustable weight to counterbalance conditions • Can be used with a front alarm • Rear clip fits…
Fox Predator System Drifter Fox Predator System Drifter
5 in stock
Perfect for finding those predators that are holding up at distance! Our System Drifter Incorporates a moulded shaft that allows the two different size bodies to be changed quickly. Features quick release eye, two bodies, orange vane and buoyant extension tube to aid control of baits at range.
Fox Rage 20cm Pistol Plier Fox Rage 20cm Pistol Plier
1 in stock
High Quality Carbon Steel, silver finish, with soft -touch handles
Fox Rage 22cm Long Nose Pliers Fox Rage 22cm Long Nose Pliers
1 in stock
Solid and reliable pliers for that won’t let you or the fish down. High-quality construction from carbon steel Gunmetal grey finish Features wire and line cutting blade section Features crimping notch section Ergonomic, hard plastic, easy-find bright red and black handles 6cm length 22cm/8.5"
Fox Rage 49 Strand Stingers Fox Rage 49 Strand Stingers
3 in stock
Our new stinger range has something for all predator anglers. For the angler who targets pike, we offer stingers with both single and 2 x treble hooks. These are constructed from our superb kink resistant 49-Strand Wire. These are available in a number of breaking strains to ensure youll find exactly what youre after. Also in the range is our Fluorocarbon Stinger range. These are perfectly suited…
Fox Rage Aluminium Water Bottle 750ml Fox Rage Aluminium Water Bottle 750ml
8 in stock
Stay hydrated with style and sustainability, the new Fox Rage water bottle offers the perfect solution. Aluminium drink bottle Non-drip screw cap Removable carabiner for quick attachment Reduce plastic bottle waste
Fox Rage Bait Fins Fox Rage Bait Fins
9 in stock
These brightly coloured soft plastic fins have two main functions. They are a great way of enhancing baits to make them more visually attractive to predators and also very useful for securing baits in position on the trebles.
Fox Rage Belt Pliers Fox Rage Belt Pliers
2 in stock
The perfect fishing tool to have on your belt at all times. High-quality construction from 420 stainless steel High-quality, side-mounted tungsten carbide cutter Features serrated jaws for extra grip when unhooking Features crimping notch section Features split ring opening tool on jaw nose Spring-loaded so pliers can always be used easily with only one hand free Lightweight, extruded handle desig…


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