Nothing compares to the thrill of landing a predator. These powerful and feisty catches will test your strength, ingenuity and tackle. It is crucial to be properly prepared and that means kitting yourself out with the right tackle, lures, luggage and accessories. You will find everything you need here at Nathans of Derby.

Predator Rods and Reels

Our fine range of rods and reels for predator fishing has been carefully chosen from the Fox, Sonik Sports and Savagear collections. You don't have to spend the earth to properly equip yourself but you do need rods and reels designed specifically for predator fishing. The much vaunted Fox Ultron 2 Dropshot rods and Ultron Pro reels will certainly hit the mark. You may prefer the Sonik Light Tec Spinning rods or your pick from the Savagear collection. This includes the Butch, Butch Light, Jig n Spin, MP Predator and Pro Extreme Rods.

Predator Lures

You can treat yourself to the perfect rod but that won't help you unless you add the right lures to your kit. We have an extensive collection of the most enticing lures from Savagear and Fox Rage. Before making your selection you should first decide which species you are targeting. Are you chasing the biggest pike or are you aiming for any fish which happens to come along? Pike favour larger lures whilst zander and chub will be attracted to slightly smaller lures. To catch trout and perch you will require smaller lures again. Choose the selection which best suits the species in the waters in which you intend to fish.

Terminal Tackle, Equipment and Accessories

You will discover the line, hooks, weights, sliders and swivels that you need in the Nathan's of Derby range. We also stock a great selection of clothing, luggage and tools for predator fishing. You will certainly need those tools! Pike possess impressive gnashers which can mean that reclaiming your lure and extracting the hook are perilous missions! If you are fishing for pike then go big with your landing net and tools. You never know what monsters may be heading your way.

If you have any questions regarding the tackle and equipment you require for predator fishing then please do speak to our expert team at Nathan's of Derby. They are always on hand to help and will be happy to provide the advice you need to select the perfect gear for you.

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