Code: P00200

Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic


Available in 8 sizes; Preston Dura Slip Elastic combines power, durability and stretch to create the perfect solid elastic for a wide range of species including F1's and Carp. The elastic has been pre coated with a Slip oil increasing its performance and further enhancing its durability.

Perfect for high catch rate venues where traditional solid elastics may fail.

Available in 3m lengths

Pre coated with Slip oil for durability and performance

Available in 8 popular sizes

High stretch factor

Size 5 - Purple - 1.2mm

Size 7 - Blue - 1.4mm

Size 9 - Pink - 1.6mm

Size 11 - Green 1.8mm

Size 13 - White - 2mm

Size 15 - Red - 2.2mm

Size 17 - Yellow - 2.4mm

Size 19 - Orange - 2.6mm

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