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Preston Pro V Rollers



The Mega Pro V Roller is the highest quality roller Preston have ever produced. The ultra sturdy tripod features legs that can be laid out flat, providing the most stable set up possible. With its range of height adjustments it can also be set high enough to navigate over any tall obstacles. Featuring the same rollers as used on the Super Pro V, with its centre roller made in two parts, perfect for situations where you need to break down twice. This top class roller is also supplied with the new innovative roller stops as standard. These clever little attachments are fitted to the end of each of the side rollers, stopping your pole blowing out in windy conditions.


Based on an ultra light tripod, this Roller is very popular. It is height adjustable and you can alter the angle at which the legs are set, making any type of bankstick terrain easy to cope with.

The braced tripod assembly locks securely and has drop-down leg extensions which are locked at the required height by quick release clasps.

The height adjustable centre pole also locks with its own handwheel.


Based on the popular Pro V Roller, therer are several key differences on the Super version. An extra set of internal legs enable the roller to be set higher than before. To prevent overbalancing, the base of the centre section has a clip suitable for attatching a groundbait bucket or carryall, making the roller more stable.

The centre roller is now made in two parts to make unshipping twice as easy. The Super Pro V Roller still packs away in its own compact padded carry case.

Roller Stops

This clever attachment has been designed to end the age old problem of poles blowing up and out of 'V' rollers, resulting in many broken sections. Simply attach the roller stops at the end of each roller, creating a padded stop to prevent the pole from ever blowing out of the roller in adverse weather conditions. Compatible with all Preston V rollers.

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