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Prologic Cruzade Camo Landing Net

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2-Piece Handle Construction

Light Weight Composite Materials

42Inch Fish Friendly Camo Mesh

ABS Spreader Block

Japanese Shrink Grips Sections

This Cruzade landing net contributes to the plethora of Prologic carping tackle by offering a smooth catch. The landing net is made from lightweight composite materials, making the lifting of the carp from water to bankside painless.

To assist in the lifting process, there is security behind the net thanks to its two-piece handle construction which comes together as 180cm at full length, perfect for when targeting those bigger feeders. This can just as easily be taken apart for transportation or adjusted for when swimming in close-knit swims.

The handle construction offers strength and reliability due to being made from carbon. Carbon is an incredibly strong and resilient material which is exceptionally rigid whilst also maintaining a low weight when holding. This is great for commuting from the car to the bank but also the lightness of the net helps when fighting the catch with the rod in one hand and the light net in the other.

The net itself is made from 42 inches of fish-friendly camo mesh. The camouflage is ideal for not spooking the carp all the more and the mesh enables an exchange of water when dipping it under the surface and then when pulling it back out and onto the bank.

To ensure security and strength, the net features an ABS spreader block which fixes the net arms together, allowing precision and making the net ideal anglers that do not want to compromise performance. To make the net more secure in your hands that are likely to be a bit sticky from bait, the handles include Japanese shrink grips sections.

So for a net that lands your fish with ease, consider this two-part, fish-friendly Cruzade net from Prologic.

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