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Rive Euro Bait Box: D36

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Rive Euro Bait Box - comes with NO legs

Measures: 600mm x 400mm x 120mm

3 fixing points with a diameter of 36mm

So you’ve got your world class Rive seat box filled with the finest terminal tackle that money can buy, and your pole is rested up on your top end Rive pole roller– what next? Well, chances are you’ve arrived at the bank with a healthy supply of bait, allowing you to feed little and often in order to ensure that you can enjoy bite after bite from the nation’s most impressive coarse fish. However, storing this bait in its bag or a bucket by your feet isn’t the most effective way and you’ll quickly find yourself reluctant to bend down in order to scoop balls of groundbait, pellets, or maggots, as this will mean taking your eye well and truly off your pole. This is where a top quality bait box comes in handy and if you’re fishing with the Rive D36 series then you’re going to want to invest in the Rive D36 Euro Bait Box.

This is a bait box which has been designed with huge European match fishing in mind, although it is also perfect for the whole spectrum of British matches too. This bait box has three fixture points, each 36mm in diameter, allowing you to quickly and easily affix this to your seatbox or to set it up next to your seat box. Please note that the Rive D36 Euro Bait Box does not come with legs supplied, although these are available for purchase separately.

The Rive D36 Euro Bait Box is a heavy duty bait box which, like the rest of the products in the Rive range, has been built to last through a lifetime of match fishing. This box is 600mm wide, 400mm long and 120mm deep. This ensures that it is ample large enough to store all the bait that you’d need for a day’s match fishing. Whether you’re storing pre-made balls of groundbait, glugged tubs of boilies, or pre-mixed particles and pellets ready to scoop and cup, this is the ideal storage solution. To ensure that you always have easy access to all your bait, this bait box can be propped opening using its useful internal stand. This ensures that you never have to take your eye off your pole when you want to introduce more bait to your swim. Instead, all you need do is lean, scoop, and throw – ensuring that you never miss out on a moment’s action under the water.

If you’re looking for a convenient bait storage solution for all your coarse and match fishing then you need look no further. This D36 Euro Bait Box from coarse and match fishing experts Rive is the perfect addition to your tackle collection and it is the ideal companion to your Rive D36 Seat Box.

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