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Shakespeare Agility Boat 7ft 20lb

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2 available at Nathans Premier Angling Centre - Derby

Featuring a supple tip, with power coming in quickly in the mid-section and butt, use the 12lb rod for working artificial sandeels and shads for offshore wreck and reef pollock, bass, cod and coalfish. Its versatile action is ideal for all general drift fishing over shallow, clean sand for species such as flatfish, gurnards, codling and rays.

The 20lb version can target big rays, turbot and tope in deeper water, but is also perfect for general reef fishing and can be used for light wreck fishing for conger, ling and cod. It sports a supple tip for fun with smaller fish, but a fast transfer of power from the mid-section into the butt gives the rod a lock up point from which big fish can be bullied.

The Agility 30lb Boat is designed for deep water, fast tides and big fish. With a fast taper blank and real power in the lower mid-section and butt it's an ideal choice for deep water wreck fishing for big conger, cod and ling. Its long fore grip allows both hands to sit above the reel to fully pressurise a big fish.

With a length of 8'6" and featuring a long fighting EVA fore grip, plus tough

Zirconium Oxide rings, the new Agility 8/12lb class boat rod is designed with a

progressively powerful action utilizing a supple tip feeding quickly in to a powerful mid section and stiff butt. This provides a rod with exceptional bite detection, but also the power to pressure big fish, and importantly set hooks when fishing at long range. Ideal for light drift fishing over sand for plaice, bass, turbot and brill, this rod also excels when working lures over shallow water reefs and inshore wrecks targeting bass and pollack

Slim Carbon Blank

Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG)

Aluminum Reel Seat

Stunning dark blue satin matt blank finish

Hardwearing and Shaped EVA handle

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