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Shakespeare Sigma Commercial Feeder Rod: 10ft5"

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Shakespeare Sigma Commercial Feeder

Fishing on commercial waters is one of the most popular forms of angling in the UK and, like all forms of angling, you need the right tools to enjoy it to its fullest potential. This is why Shakespeare has worked hard to create a range of rods that have been especially designed for the commercial angler. The range includes a collection of float rods as well as these two Sigma Commercial Feeder rods. With these rods in your angling arsenal you need never feel underprepared for a commercial coarse fishing session ever again.

There are two different lengths of rod available in the Shakespeare Sigma Commercial Feeder range. For tackling mid sized venues or for fishing in slightly closer quarters you might find that the 10ft 5 inch version of the rod is ideal for you. If you’re looking to get a little additional distance out of your cast or you’re fishing in a more spacious swim then the 11ft 5 inch options might be your preferred choice. This variety allows you to precision chose the rod that is the best option for you.

Both of the rods in the range have been designed with casting accuracy in mind. This is why both rods showcase a strong progressive action, which allows you to build power in the base of the blank before releasing it with speed from the tip. A progressively actioned rod will always built power more positively, ensuring that you get a straight line steady release ready for use when you need it. This action on the blank also works in the reverse when you’re fighting with an aggressive and lunging fish. The rod cushions the blows of the fish comfortably whilst still ensuring that you can put power through the rod when you need to. If you’re looking for a rod that can handle all your feeder fishing activities on commercial waters then the Shakespeare Sigma Commercial Feeder is the ideal rod choice for you.

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