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Starbaits Addit Liquids: Robin Red

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The ultimate bait additives!

500ml tubs.

Hemp Juice

A pure bottle of hemp is the only way to describe this amazing liquid. Cooked hemp with added extra thick hemp oil blended like a milk shake. A real hemp smoothie, add to method, stick or spod mixes to give them that extra hemp boost, pour straight into a solid PVA bag or just use it as a dip. Set to be the No1 in liquid foods.

Hemp Oil

A nutty smelling and tasting greeny brown liquid, cold pressed hemp provides the freshest oil, superb in bait manufacture, method mixes or as a binder in a stick mix. Carp find hemp oil irresistible. Try adding a few mls to you cooked particle, it will create the perfect attraction when spodding and will flatten the water surface even in the roughest of conditions.


Molasses is a by-product of sugar cane or sugar beet extraction. Very rich in vitamins, minerals and carbon hydrates and totally irresistible to carp! Can be used in boillies, as a dip or as a soak for seed baits.

Robin Red

Take the famous Robin red ingredient and imagine it as a PVA friendly liquid, that's exactly what this fantastic product is, all the colour attraction and spiciness of Robin Red in a bottle.

Salmon Oil

Scottish Salmon oil is a basic ingredient in many pellets and commercial baits, it is full of protein and minerals and will increase the food value of boilies and stick mixes it is added to. Another oil product that works better in the warmer months.

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