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Avid ACR 12000 Avid ACR 12000
1 in stock
The ACR 12000 reel from is the result of a 2-year development process which has lead us to what we believe is the perfect combination of balance, power and durability. The ACR 12000 features a long taper spool with super slow oscillation. The spool length helps to reduce friction on the line when casting and the super slow oscillation makes for perfect line lay. These 2 features combined make for…
Avid AV8000 Reel Avid AV8000 Reel
2 in stock
The AV8000 Reel is a compact sized baby big pit reel which is as equally at home on a long-range setup as it is on a short stalking rod. The tapered spool allows for friction free casting and the deep capacity means that loading up with heavy line is an option. The AV8000 is fitted with a rapid front drag system which allows you to go from free spool to fighting drag in less than one turn. 7 stain…
Daiwa 19 Emblem 45 SCW QD Daiwa 19 Emblem 45 SCW QD
6 in stock
45mm Long cast spool Slow cross wrap Quick Drag High impact Line Clip Air Rotor Digigear II Supplies with 'C' shallow spool and 'LD' deep spool
Daiwa 20 Crosscast 35 SCW QD Daiwa 20 Crosscast 35 SCW QD
6 in stock
LC Long Cast Spool QD Quick Drag HIP High Impact Line Clip Slow Cross Wrap Digigear II DS4 Body DS4 Air Rotor Aluminium Machine Cut Handle T Shape Handle Knob Infinite Anti-Reverse
Daiwa 20 Crosscast 45 SCW QD Daiwa 20 Crosscast 45 SCW QD
£99.99 - £109.99
3 in stock
The modern 45mm profile was realised by many through the legendary Basia. That recognised for its big distance casting capability. This Crosscast Big Pit now embraces that 45mm pedigree and the line release advantage of Slow Cross Wrap. The reduced oscillation of SCW delivers enhanced line lay. The result is lower consumption of casting energy during line release, when combined with the friction r…
Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD OT Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD OT
3 in stock
This ‘Gold Spool’ release of the new generation of SCW Emblem also offers the retro One Touch handle. Utilising a reduced oscillation speed called Slow Cross Wrap for enhanced line lay, the result is lower consumption of casting energy during line release. When combined with the friction reducing double lip profile of the LC spool, casting distance can be increased by more than 5%. Retrieval is ge…
Daiwa Basia 45 SLD QD Reel Daiwa Basia 45 SLD QD Reel
1 in stock
We have refined the Basia even further to produce this SLD edition. Using a slimmer magnesium body profile to maintain the famed weight saving, whilst increasing the spool depth, this Basia is set to deliver a Super Long Distance performance. Toughness has been considered too with enhancements to the main shaft and gearing. Other high performance features have been maintained such as Quick Drag an…
Daiwa Black Widow 25A Daiwa Black Widow 25A
5 in stock
Daiwa Crosscast Carp QD Daiwa Crosscast Carp QD
1 in stock
The combination of solidity, power and smoothness are all you need to know that this Crosscast is up to the task. Its semi deep 35mm spool will accommodate 300m of 0.35mm (15lbs) and both HIP and QD give you the controls you need over distance and fish playing. Also available is a deeper LD spool; capacity 530m of 0.35mm. Features: 35mm Long Cast semi shallow spool 35mm LD deep spool available QD…
Daiwa GS LTD Daiwa GS LTD
7 in stock
Carrying the iconic combination of a gold spool and black body these GS LTD models utilise key technology features to deliver power, speed, smoothness and durability. Available in two sizes these will serve across all styles whether it is stalking, barbel, big feeder or carp off the top. Classic design, tuned performance.
Daiwa Tournament ISO 5000LD QDA BE Daiwa Tournament ISO 5000LD QDA BE
4 in stock
The Tournament ISO is a high performance big pit reel designed for tougher, long distance carping occasions. Whether its big sessions at home or on the continent, it’s ready to go ‘off road’. Configured around a 35mm spool its compact Zaion body and DS5 Air Rotor belie its level of power and capacity. Delivering a high level of torque resistance it won’t flinch under loading of a big cast. Protect…


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