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Avid Revolve Sleeping Bag Avid Revolve Sleeping Bag
£59.99 - £69.99
2 in stock
The Avid Revolve Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value comfort and convenience. With their compact and lightweight design, these sleeping bags are easy to carry and store, making them ideal for your Fishing trip or any other outdoor adventure. The luxurious hollow-fill inner provides exceptional warmth and cosiness, while the water-resistant outer material eliminates…
Bait-Tech Super Seed Hemp Bait-Tech Super Seed Hemp
£2.99 - £3.19
In stock
No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Nonsense! Quality bait in the freshest form! Bait-Tech Super Seed particle range has long been recognised as THE best prepared particle range available. With so many other prepared particles available, why is ours so good? The answer lies with the unique process in which the Super Seed range is produced. Firstly the product; we only use the finest grade A seed in…
Daiwa 23 Ninja LT Match & Feeder Daiwa 23 Ninja LT Match & Feeder
£74.99 - £89.99
27 in stock
The Daiwa 23 Ninja LT Match & Feeder reels are designed with the innovative AIRDRIVE DESIGN concept, featuring a lightweight DS4 AIRDRIVE Rotor that maintains rigidity and reduces starting resistance for smooth operation. Equipped with Tough Digigear, these reels offer high retrieving power while ensuring a seamless performance.With 4BB for added support, the line friendly spring loaded line clip…
Daiwa Connoisseur Pro Speed Whips Daiwa Connoisseur Pro Speed Whips
£44.99 - £79.99
25 in stock
The Daiwa Connoisseur Pro Speed Whips are a top-notch range of whips that offer unbeatable performance. With the HVF High Volume Fibre and dedicated blank profile per model, these whips are designed to be the perfect speed tool for their respective lengths. The flick tip of each whip is equipped with a fitted yarn, making it effortless to attach rigs. The HVF High Volume Fibre ensures superior str…
Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole Daiwa Tournament Pro X Pole
£2,499.99 - £2,999.99
30 in stock
Nicknamed the ‘Tourney Pro’ reflects the iconic status of this trusted pole design. Performing brilliantly at long lengths and with amazing versatility thanks to top grade material and proven patterns. Supplied fitted with PTFE bushes and No3 nose cones see it ready to go from the bag. The power kits also feature the Interlastic side puller. You can also choose the kit package that suits you. Supe…
Drennan Acolyte Bait Up Rods Drennan Acolyte Bait Up Rods
£89.95 - £99.95
2 in stock
The Drennan Acolyte Bait Up Rods, available in 10ft & 12ft, are expertly crafted for pre-baiting purposes, featuring a design that accommodates large bait-up feeders weighing up to 6oz (170g). With exceptional casting actions and large guides for enhanced distance and accuracy, these rods are perfect for mono reel lines up to 12lb (0.28 / 0.30) or braid up to 30lb (13.6kg). These two-piece blanks…
Drennan Specialist Barbel Rods Drennan Specialist Barbel Rods
3 in stock
The Drennan Specialist Barbel Rods are available in 12ft 1¾lb and 12ft 2¼lb options. The 12' 1¾lb version is a versatile fishing rod that is perfect for various water conditions. Whether you're fishing in small rivers or dealing with low summer conditions, this rod's test curve is ideal. It can handle light leads and is also capable of casting feeders up to 4oz+ in stronger flows. With features li…
Fortis Bays Sports Performance Polarised Sunglasses Fortis Bays Sports Performance Polarised Sunglasses
£34.99 - £44.99
12 in stock
The Fortis Bays Sports Performance Polarised Sunglasses are the latest version of the extremely popular Bays design from Fortis, now including spring loaded hinges for a comfortable fit on all head sizes, along with rubber tips on the arms for added comfort during wear. The refined frame design features larger lenses for maximum coverage, while integrating Fortis' XBlok technology to reduce glare…
Fox RX+ Security System Fox RX+ Security System
1 in stock
The Fox RX+ Security System; Light, Remote, and Sensor are essential components designed to complement Fox RX+ Micron heads and RX+ Receiver. The RX+ Light serves multiple purposes, functioning as a bivvy light, alarm illuminator, floodlight, and security light when paired with the RX+ Sensor. The RX+ Sensor, a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor, connects with the RX+ Light, Receiver, and Remote to de…
Gardner Ooze Cloud Liquids Gardner Ooze Cloud Liquids
8 in stock
Gardner Ooze Cloud Liquids are a specially formulated viscous liquid designed specifically to be used with solid PVA bags, allowing for thicker stick enhancements for both your hook baits and groundbaits. With Cloud, you can expect unparalleled results as nothing sticks to your product quite like this unique formula. Its ability to enhance and attract fish is unmatched, making it a must-have for a…
Gardner Smokey Branch Camo Pillow Gardner Smokey Branch Camo Pillow
1 in stock
Experience a restful night's sleep with the Gardner Smokey Branch Camo Pillow; a high-quality and comfortable camo pillow, designed to provide ultimate relaxation. Incorporating Gardners legendary “Smokey Branch” camo pattern, this pillow adds a touch of style to your bivvy set up. With fleece on one side in camo print and a smooth surface on the other, this pillow offers versatility and comfort.…
Mainline Carp Fluoro Wafters Mainline Carp Fluoro Wafters
20 in stock
The Mainline Carp Fluoro Wafters are the ultimate hookbaits for creating a perfectly balanced presentation. These super bright hookbaits are designed to slowly sink, while the weight of the hook counterbalances their buoyancy. This makes them incredibly easy to use and ideal for rigs like the Spinner Rig and German Rig. These Dedicated Wafters are not only versatile but also highly effective. They…
Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups 15mm Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups 15mm
10 in stock
The Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups 15mm are designed to perfectly complement the Dedicated Freezer Range boilies, ensuring that your rig is well presented with consistent buoyancy. These 15mm pop-up hookbaits are ideal for various fishing situations, holding heavy rigs like the Hinged Stiff and Chod Rigs in the perfect hooking position for extended periods. With the same liquid attractors as…
Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Wafters Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Wafters
5 in stock
The Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Wafters are a revolutionary product designed to enhance the performance of your rig presentation effortlessly. With a simple threading process, these hookbaits can be easily attached to your rig, allowing the slow sinking Wafter to reach a perfectly balanced position. Through extensive testing, Mainline have successfully combined their unique Wafter mix with their p…
Mainline Shelf Life Boilies 1kg Mainline Shelf Life Boilies 1kg
£12.99 - £13.99
34 in stock
The Mainline Shelf Life Boilies 1kg are a specially formulated bait designed for UK and European carp anglers. With three decades of cutting-edge experience and extensive research, this complete food-source boilie is the result of our commitment to providing better bait through research. The shelf-life version ensures long-lasting freshness and convenience. Each flavour, has a matching full range…
Mainline Stick Mix Liquid Mainline Stick Mix Liquid
12 in stock
Enhance your fishing experience with Mainline Stick Mix Liquids, specially formulated to be PVA friendly and suitable for use in all water temperatures. These versatile liquids can be used to boost the attraction of boilies, pellets, particles, Stick Mixes, and PVA bags, providing you with a wide range of options for your fishing methods. Suitable for carp, tench, bream, and roach, these easy-to-u…
Preston Centris SD Reels Preston Centris SD Reels
£159.99 - £169.99
6 in stock
The Preston Centris SD Reels offer high performance for all match fishing scenarios. Constructed with premium materials like titanium and aluminum, these reels are built to last and stand out from the competition. Featuring a compact body with Power Drive technology, the Centris SD Reels provide exceptional winding power thanks to the super-slow oscillation worm shaft. The NiTi bail arm ensures du…
Preston Monster Xtreme XS 3.6m Handle Preston Monster Xtreme XS 3.6m Handle
4 in stock
The Preston Monster Xtreme XS 3.6m Handle is designed for use with larger landing nets targeting big fish, yet versatile for conventional fishing styles. These handles are not only extremely strong but also beautifully balanced and super stiff, enabling anglers to scoop fish effortlessly. With dual threaded sections, it is the ideal carp handle for a secure grip. Designed with a take-apart feature…
Solar SP C-Tech Brew Kit Case Solar SP C-Tech Brew Kit Case
2 in stock
Keep all your brewing essentials organised and easily accessible with the Solar SP C-Tech Brew Kit case. This innovative case features three compartments, including a thermal-lined section for storing milk vertically, a space for your stove and gas cannister and another compartment for your ingredients. With everything in its place, you'll never have to search for your supplies when you're craving…
Solar SP C-Tech Buzzer Bar Bag Solar SP C-Tech Buzzer Bar Bag
1 in stock
The SP C-Tech Buzzer Bar Bag is designed to provide superior protection for wider set-ups of alarms, indicators and buzzer bars. With multiple loops on each side, it securely holds banksticks and wrap sticks, while the main compartment features Velcro straps to secure your front and back buzzer bars, alarms, backrests, and snag bars. Unzipping the top reveals loops for 4 Titanium Indicator tubes,…
Solar SP C-Tech Camera Bag Solar SP C-Tech Camera Bag
1 in stock
The Solar SP C-Tech Camera Bag is a compact yet ultra protective storage solution for your DSLR camera, lenses, and flash gun. This storage bag is designed to keep your valuable equipment safe and secure, as we understand that they are some of the most expensive pieces of kit you'll own. The main section of the bag provides a drop-in stowage area for your DSLR camera and lens, ensuring easy access…
Solar SP C-Tech Compact Buzzer Bar Bag Solar SP C-Tech Compact Buzzer Bar Bag
1 in stock
The SP C-Tech Compact Buzzer Bar Bag is designed to provide exceptional protection for valuable alarms, indicators, and buzzer bars. Featuring multiple loops on each side, this bag securely holds your banksticks and wrap sticks. With a transparent, zipped receiver pocket and mesh pod leg or indicator pocket, accessing your gear is easy. Velcro straps and a padded divider in the main compartment ke…
Solar SP C-Tech Large Rucksack Solar SP C-Tech Large Rucksack
2 in stock
Introducing the perfect Rucksack designed to meet all your needs. The Solar SP C-Tech Large Rucksack is a spacious and versatile bag features adjustable straps for easy stowage and access to your belongings. The top compartment is equipped with a pocket for your phone, wallet, and tickets, while the compartment below is specifically designed to carry tackle boxes. Additionally, there are three fro…
Solar SP C-Tech Magnetic Tool Case Solar SP C-Tech Magnetic Tool Case
2 in stock
The Solar SP C-Tech Magnetic Tool Case is a versatile storage solution designed to securely hold your tools wherever you need them. With its magnetic strip, it easily attaches to the wall of your shelter, allowing you to keep your tools conveniently by your side. Whether you prefer to have them by the bait, over your rucky, or under the peak, this tool case offers flexible placement options. Addit…
Solar SP C-Tech Rig Station Solar SP C-Tech Rig Station
2 in stock
The Solar SP C-Tech Rig Station is a versatile and practical solution for organising your terminal tackle and tools. This rig station is built upon the popular Multi-Pouch design, featuring numerous pockets within a dividing flap for convenient and ordered stowage. It offers bespoke pockets specifically designed for terminal gear, hooks, needles, and a main compartment for tools. The rig tray, whi…
Solar SP C-Tech Tackle Carryall System Solar SP C-Tech Tackle Carryall System
1 in stock
The Solar SP C-Tech Tackle Carryall System is the ultimate storage solution, designed with no compromises on materials, performance or functionality. The moulded EVA waterproof base provides maximum protection, while the Vertabr8 rigid body ensures easy access and dense padding for added security. This Carryall features spacious, padded pockets that perfectly fit Solars Accessory Cases, creating a…
Trakker Levelite Camo Long Back Recliner Chair Trakker Levelite Camo Long Back Recliner Chair
1 in stock
The Trakker Levelite chair range sets a new standard for carp fishing furniture with unparalleled comfort and innovative design! The Trakker Levelite Camo Long Back Recliner Chair is a standout product in this range, featuring adjustable lumbar support and memory foam in key areas to provide optimal comfort for anglers looking to unwind by the water's edge! Size: Approx Back Height 86cm, Seat Heig…
Trakker Levelite Camo Longback Chair Trakker Levelite Camo Longback Chair
1 in stock
Trakkers revolutionary Levelite chair range is the future of carp fishing furniture! The Trakker Levelite Camo Longback Chair from the award-winning Levelite range sets a new standard for premium carp fishing chairs, providing unparalleled comfort on the bankside. Designed with ergonomics in mind. It features adjustable lumbar support and strategically placed memory foam for maximum comfort. Wheth…
Trakker NXC 3 Rod Sleeve Trakker NXC 3 Rod Sleeve
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC 3 Rod Sleeves are a top-of-the-line product designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. They offer unparalleled protection for your valuable carp fishing rods, ensuring they remain safe and secure during transport. The heavy-duty main zip allows for quick and easy access, while the internal padding and Neoprene rod straps keep each rod in place. Additionally, the sleeves…
Trakker NXC Cook-R Bag Trakker NXC Cook-R Bag
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC Cook-R Bag is a well-designed storage solution for cookware items, featuring a padded lining for protection and three internal pockets for organisation. With a mesh zipped pocket on the underside of the lid, this bag offers additional storage space for essentials, while the dual-zipped lid allows easy access from either side. Heavy-duty webbing carry handles make transportation eff…
Trakker NXC Pro Carryalls Trakker NXC Pro Carryalls
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC Pro Carryalls come in three different sizes, Medium, Large, and XL, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your fishing needs. Despite their different dimensions, all three sizes offer the same professional features. The main compartment of these fishing carryalls is not only spacious but also lined and well-padded to ensure the safe transportation of your gear. With heavy-…
Trakker NXC PVA Pouch Trakker NXC PVA Pouch
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC PVA Pouch is a versatile and popular carp fishing luggage essential that goes beyond its name. Originally designed for storing PVA products, it has become a go-to choice for storing various Trakker accessories. The internal storage pouch can now be moved or removed according to personal preference. The small, zipped fishing pouch is perfect for storing leads, PVA mesh, or other car…
Trakker NXC Rig-R Box Trakker NXC Rig-R Box
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC Rig-R Box is the ultimate rig tying workstation, designed to keep all your carp fishing essentials neatly organised in one convenient piece of luggage. Featuring a fully magnetic EVA rig tray that can be easily removed and used independently or in conjunction with other Trakker luggage items, this box is versatile and practical for all your rig tying needs. With internal mesh pocke…
Trakker NXC Rod Sleeve Trakker NXC Rod Sleeve
3 in stock
The Trakker NXC Rod Sleeves are highly durable and protective carp fishing rod sleeves designed to securely fit your fully made-up rods, with widened tip sections and internal padding to accommodate 50mm K-series guides, these sleeve ensure your rod is shielded during transport. The oversized reel pouch section is heavily padded and generously sized to protect even the largest big pit reel, while…
Trakker NXC Scout Rucksack Trakker NXC Scout Rucksack
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC Scout Rucksack is the ultimate choice for anglers who value mobility and organisation. Featuring a compact design with ample storage space, this carp fishing rucksack is perfect for those who need to move quickly between fishing spots. Equipped with various pockets, loops, and straps, this rucksack ensures that all your gear is easily accessible and securely stored. Comfort is not…
Trakker NXC Tackle Bag Trakker NXC Tackle Bag
1 in stock
The Trakker NXC Tackle Bag is the perfect solution for carp fishing enthusiasts looking to keep their end tackle items organised and easily accessible. With its customisable divider system and numerous pockets, this bag can accommodate various sizes of fishing tackle. Its large capacity ensures ample storage space, while the hard-wearing waterproof base guarantees durability. The bag also features…
Trakker T1 Rod Pod Trakker T1 Rod Pod
£54.99 - £64.99
4 in stock
The Trakker T1 Rod Pod is a versatile and practical choice for carp anglers seeking stability and convenience. With its lightweight design and adjustable buzz bars, this pod can adapt to various fishing scenarios with ease. The goal-post-style setup ensures a secure foundation for your rods, while the option to use the sticks independently adds flexibility to your setup. Wether you're fishing on t…

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There are plenty more fish in the sea but Nathan's of Derby are now firmly established as the leading angling centres in both Derby, Stoke and Nottingham. We are on first name terms with many of our loyal customers and fishermen journey from far and wide to visit our stores.

So why is it that anglers travel from across the UK and even from overseas to shop at Nathan's?


With three large stores and a warehouse facility there is no bigger fish than Nathan's! Well in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire anyway! We hold extensive stock so you can hook everything that you need in one place and without delay. Whether you are angling for carp and specimen fish, your first love is coarse and match fishing or you enjoy predator fishing you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Our unrivalled range features bait and bait boxes, rods, reels, poles, floats and hooks. You will also discover an impressive selection of bivvies and shelters, chairs, bed chairs, scales, storage, terminal tackle, sleeping bags and apparel. Better still, we have chosen everything in our range from the world's leading brands which you can trust to deliver the highest quality. Here are just some of the collections you will find here at Nathan's of Derby.

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Nathan's of Derby is staffed by passionate anglers so whether you are just getting started or you are already hooked, we talk your language. Our knowledgeable team, which includes Cameron Hughes of Drennan Team England, can help you to choose the bait, equipment and apparel that best suits your needs. Whether you shop in store or online the team are always on hand to help with expert advice.


With our extensive range it is highly likely that you will find plenty to please at Nathan's. If what you need seems a little beyond your current means then fear not! We offer 0% interest on our finance deals. You can spread the cost of your purchases over 6, 10 or 18 months depending on what you spend and it won't cost you a penny more!


You can always shop in confidence with Nathan's of Derby but don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers say.

*Very good shop, much to offer, very friendly service and great advice. Well worth a visit!*

Andrew Bennett

*Great tackle shop! The lads know their stuff and are helpful and polite they always have what I need.*

Matt Boffey

We weren't fishing for complements, honest!

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