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Avid Revolve Bed Avid Revolve Bed
1 in stock
Introducing the Avid Revolve Bed, a product designed to provide the utmost comfort and value for money. This bed is sized to match the Avid Benchmark Beds and Systems, ensuring a perfect fit. Wether you're a newcomer or a seasoned angler on a tight budget, this bed is ideal for you. The Avid Revolve colourway adds a touch of style, while the Avid Rocksteady legs provide stability. The flat frame d…
Daiwa Hydrolastic 5.5m Daiwa Hydrolastic 5.5m
30 in stock
Introducing Daiwa Hydrolastic 5.5m - the original and superior hollow elastic, featuring a fluid-filled shock absorbing core for enhanced performance, now in a convenient 5.5m pack, specifically designed to accommodate two power kits measuring 2.4m each or three F1 kits measuring 1.8m each. Experience the ultimate in elasticity and shock absorption with Daiwa Hydrolastic!
Daiwa Tournament Pole Case Daiwa Tournament Pole Case
9 in stock
Introducing the Daiwa Tournament Pole Case, a versatile and practical solution for transporting and storing your 16m pole, spare pole, and kits. This case is designed with convenience and protection in mind. The removable partition flaps on each half and the padded central partition ensure that your sections are securely separated and safeguarded. Additionally, the case features a pocket specifica…
Daiwa Tournament Rod Case Daiwa Tournament Rod Case
1 in stock
The Daiwa Tournament Rod Case is designed to accommodate up to eight 12’ 2pc rods with reels, measuring 1960mm long. It features two partitioned recesses for reels to enhance balance and reduce the width of the case. Rods can be easily secured into Velcro removable butt holders with a locking draw cord. Thicker foam within the lid provides soft security and added cushion for protection. The case i…
Fox Camolite Pillow Fox Camolite Pillow
1 in stock
The Fox Camolite Pillow is a dual-sided pillow offering versatility with Camo Micro fleece on one side for warmth during winter and Soft Cotton on the other side for coolness in summer. The removable cover allows for easy cleaning as it can be machine washed, ensuring convenience and hygiene. With dimensions of 65cm x 40cm, this pillow provides a comfortable and adaptable option for year-round use…
Guru Pro Brace Elbow Support Guru Pro Brace Elbow Support
7 in stock
The Elbow Support is designed to protect your elbow from strain when pole fishing. The soft comfortable padding acts as a cushion to your elbow, making it a lot more comfortable to hold your pole, particularly effective when pole fishing at longer lengths. The fabric we’ve used on the is breathable, lightweight and stretchy, making it much comfier to use in warmer conditions. The Elbow Support is…
Korum Classic 1 Litre Thermal Barbel Flask Korum Classic 1 Litre Thermal Barbel Flask
14 in stock
The Korum Classic series offers products synonymous with traditional coarse fishing. Amongst these offerings is a the Korum Classic 1 Litre Thermal Barbel Flask - a compact and lightweight vacuum flask, adorned with a timeless Barbel artwork design by renowned angling artist Steve Phillips. This flask's unique print not only adds a touch of elegance but also makes it an excellent gift choice. Desi…
Korum S23 Supa Deluxe Accessory Chair II Korum S23 Supa Deluxe Accessory Chair II
3 in stock
Introducing the latest Chair from Korum; The Korum S23 Supa Deluxe Accessory Chair II designed with a super stable flatbed design for ultimate comfort. The S23 II series showcases Korum's patented vertical leg design, enhancing stability and leg adjustment. These chairs are now even more user-friendly with chair accessories. The mattress is crafted from lightweight materials, ensuring improved bre…
MAP Anti Tangle Catapults MAP Anti Tangle Catapults
29 in stock
The innovative MAP Anti Tangle Catapults are specifically engineered to accommodate a single elastic band seamlessly integrated within the hollow frame, eliminating the need for additional fixing points and preventing any twisting that could result in tangles. These catapults are equipped with soft touch rubber handles for a comfortable grip, PTFE inserts in the frame to extend the lifespan of the…
Matrix Hex Print T Shirt Matrix Hex Print T Shirt
14 in stock
Pre-shrunk lightweight fabric Large contrast graphic print Detailed lime logo tab 100% Cotton Fabric weight 180gsm Available in sizes S to XXXL
Matrix MTX V2 Carbon Pole Section Protectors Matrix MTX V2 Carbon Pole Section Protectors
2 in stock
The Matrix MTX V2 Carbon Pole Section Protectors have been designed to safeguard the end of your pole sections, ensuring their longevity and performance. Constructed from high-quality carbon fibre, this protective accessory offers exceptional durability while remaining lightweight. The ultra-durable 3K weave further enhances its strength, making it a reliable choice. Equipped with EVA nose cones,…
Matrix UV Protective Long Sleeve T-Shirt Matrix UV Protective Long Sleeve T-Shirt
18 in stock
Introducing the Matrix UV Protective Long Sleeve T-Shirt, this latest product from Matrix is a base layer designed for ultimate comfort and protection. With long sleeves that effectively shield your arms from harmful sun exposure, this base layer is perfect for outdoor activities. The fabric is rated UPF40+, ensuring maximum sun protection. Its lightweight and breathable composition allows for unr…
Preston Grey Est. Baseball Cap Preston Grey Est. Baseball Cap
5 in stock
The Preston Grey Est. Baseball Cap features a stylish design with subtle colors and a large embroidered logo badge. Its strong and robust peak provides excellent protection from the sun and other elements making it a versatile accessory for any time of the year. Made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, it offers a comfortable and durable fit and equipped with a Velcro adjustment means th…
Preston HD Black Cap Preston HD Black Cap
15 in stock
This stylish Preston HD Cap is made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, ensuring durability and comfort. The HD prints add a modern touch, making it a versatile accessory for any season. In all black for a sleek look and featuring a Velcro adjustment, this cap can be easily customised for a perfect fit. The strong robust peak provides added protection from the sun while maintaining its s…
Preston HydroTech Hoody Preston HydroTech Hoody
23 in stock
Preston HydroTech Hoody is a must-have for any angler, offering a unique combination of comfort and functionality. With waterproof sleeves, it ensures that you stay dry even in wet conditions, while still providing the cosy fit of a traditional hoodie. This versatile hoodie is suitable for all seasons, making it ideal for both warm and cooler weather. Wether you're casting your line on a sunny day…
Preston Ignition Feeder Chair Combo Preston Ignition Feeder Chair Combo
7 in stock
Elevate your angling experience with the revolutionary Preston Ignition Feeder Chair Combo - a lightweight chair, meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience during your fishing sessions. This chair is specifically crafted with the angler in mind, equipped with all the essential accessories needed for a successful day by the bank. With four 30mm legs that can be adjusted…
Preston Lightweight Joggers Preston Lightweight Joggers
15 in stock
Stay comfortable during your fishing sessions with the Preston Lightweight Joggers, designed with an elasticated waist and ankle area for a perfect fit. The quality YKK zipped pockets provide secure storage for your essentials, while the durable pull cords ensure a long-lasting use. The subtle branding adds a touch of style to these versatile joggers, making them ideal for year-round wear. • Elast…
Preston Offbox Accessory Tray Preston Offbox Accessory Tray
10 in stock
The Preston Offbox Accessory Tray is the perfect solution for anglers looking to keep their smaller tackle items, drinks, and phone within easy reach. Designed to fit between your seatbox and Venta-Lite side tray, this tray fills the gap and provides additional storage space for your fishing essentials. With its convenient design, you can now have everything you need right at your fingertips while…
Spomb X Pro Spod Braid Spomb X Pro Spod Braid
3 in stock
Low diameter braid Designed for long range Spombing and spodding 8 plus 1 carrier for a round super supple braid Minimal friction through guides Low air resistance Grey in colour 24lb/10.9kg breaking strain 0.18mm diameter Supplied on 300m spools
Spomb XD Pro Spod Braid Spomb XD Pro Spod Braid
3 in stock
Incredibly low diameter braid Designed for ultimate long range Spombing and spodding 8 plus 1 carrier for a round super supple braid Minimal friction through guides Low air resistance Tip – Use a “stretch leader” made from Spomb Mono between your Braided Leader and XD Pro Braid to reduce impact on the braid when you hit the clip Grey in colour 16lb/7.3kg breaking strain 0.14mm diameter Supplied on…
Trakker CR Camo Water Resistant Cap Trakker CR Camo Water Resistant Cap
4 in stock
The Trakker Camo Water Resistant Cap is a one-size-fits-all cap made from a water-resistant outer designed to protect you from the elements. This carp fishing hat comes complete with our unique camo pattern and black logo with embossed logo clip at the rear for adjustment.
Trakker Hand Towel Trakker Hand Towel
2 in stock
A large microfibre hand towel with an even larger range of benefits. Microfibre is incredibly absorbent (almost three times more so than cotton) while having quick-dry abilities and a compact nature, making it perfect for storage. Press-stud hanging loops enable it to be hung from trees or spod stations for quick access or easy drying. The printed Trakker logo is also displayed on the front of thi…
Trakker TechPro Camo 5 Panel Cap Trakker TechPro Camo 5 Panel Cap
1 in stock
The Trakker TechPro Camo 5 Panel Cap is a must-have accessory for any angler. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this fishing cap features a water-resistant outer layer that offers protection from the elements. The cap's unique camo pattern and subtle TechPro branding add a touch of sophistication to your fishing gear. With its adjustable rear strap, you can easily customise the f…
Trakker TechPro Camo Smock Trakker TechPro Camo Smock
3 in stock
Introducing the Trakker TechPro Camo Smock, a high-performance carp fishing jacket designed to withstand any weather conditions. Crafted from a highly waterproof fabric with a hydrostatic head of 5,000mm and fully taped seams, this smock ensures maximum protection against rain and moisture. 2. The TechPro Camo Smock features waterproof zips, providing an extra layer of defence against water penetr…
Trakker TechPro Half Zip Hoody Trakker TechPro Half Zip Hoody
7 in stock
The Trakker TechPro Half Zip Hoody is a versatile and performance-driven garment designed to keep you comfortable in all weather conditions. With a wide range of sizes available, from small to XXXL, you can find the perfect fit. As part of Trakkers TechPro range, it offers ultimate performance thanks to a water-resistant and breathable outer shell, ensuring you stay dry while allowing your body to…
Trakker Techpro KD Joggers Trakker Techpro KD Joggers
9 in stock
Introducing Trakker TechPro KD Joggers, crafted with a high-quality 360GSM fabric for comfort and warmth. These fishing joggers incorporate waterproof reinforced knees and seat enhance durability, while natural stretch properties allow free movement, making these joggers a versatile and practical choice for those who demand both performance and style.
Trakker Techpro Waterproof Jacket Trakker Techpro Waterproof Jacket
5 in stock
The Trakker TechPro Waterproof Jacket is a cutting-edge piece of equipment tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly carp fishing enthusiasts. Available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XXXL, this high-performance jacket ensures a perfect fit for all individuals. Part of the TechPro range, it guarantees top-notch performance in various weather conditions, making it a dependable choice…
Trakker Techpro Waterproof Trousers Trakker Techpro Waterproof Trousers
6 in stock
Introducing the Trakker TechPro Waterproof Trousers, the ultimate performance gear for all weather conditions. Available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XXXL, ensuring a perfect fit all sizes. These trousers are part of the Trakker TechPro range, guaranteeing superior performance and durability. With an EcoElite DWR finish, they provide long-lasting water repellency, keeping you dry and co…

Welcome to Nathan's Premier Angling Centre


There are plenty more fish in the sea but Nathan's of Derby are now firmly established as the leading angling centres in both Derby, Stoke and Nottingham. We are on first name terms with many of our loyal customers and fishermen journey from far and wide to visit our stores.

So why is it that anglers travel from across the UK and even from overseas to shop at Nathan's?


With three large stores and a warehouse facility there is no bigger fish than Nathan's! Well in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire anyway! We hold extensive stock so you can hook everything that you need in one place and without delay. Whether you are angling for carp and specimen fish, your first love is coarse and match fishing or you enjoy predator fishing you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Our unrivalled range features bait and bait boxes, rods, reels, poles, floats and hooks. You will also discover an impressive selection of bivvies and shelters, chairs, bed chairs, scales, storage, terminal tackle, sleeping bags and apparel. Better still, we have chosen everything in our range from the world's leading brands which you can trust to deliver the highest quality. Here are just some of the collections you will find here at Nathan's of Derby.

Daiwa, Dirty Dog, Dynamite Baits, Avid Carp Enterprise tackle, Frenzee, Preston Innovations, Fox, Sensas, Shimano, Korda, Sonik Sports, Rive, Savagear, Ultron, Trakker, Sonu Baits, Matrix


Nathan's of Derby is staffed by passionate anglers so whether you are just getting started or you are already hooked, we talk your language. Our knowledgeable team, which includes Cameron Hughes of Drennan Team England, can help you to choose the bait, equipment and apparel that best suits your needs. Whether you shop in store or online the team are always on hand to help with expert advice.


With our extensive range it is highly likely that you will find plenty to please at Nathan's. If what you need seems a little beyond your current means then fear not! We offer 0% interest on our finance deals. You can spread the cost of your purchases over 6, 10 or 18 months depending on what you spend and it won't cost you a penny more!


You can always shop in confidence with Nathan's of Derby but don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers say.

*Very good shop, much to offer, very friendly service and great advice. Well worth a visit!*

Andrew Bennett

*Great tackle shop! The lads know their stuff and are helpful and polite they always have what I need.*

Matt Boffey

We weren't fishing for complements, honest!

Nathan's of Derby for choice, for convenience and for expertise


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