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Browning King Feeder Swivels Browning King Feeder Swivels
5 in stock
Browning Swivel Stops Browning Swivel Stops
5 in stock
Colmic Mono Links Colmic Mono Links
9 in stock
Daiwa NZon Swivel & Stop Bead Daiwa NZon Swivel & Stop Bead
6 in stock
Creates a shock absorber effect for a running leger or feeder, featuring a high quality swivel designed to eradicate excessive line spin, Modular packaging design.
Drennan Barrel Swivels Drennan Barrel Swivels
87 in stock
Barrel Swivels are an essential item of terminal tackle which can be used for a variety of uses. They are available in four sizes, 18s, 14s, 11s and 9s. They are free rotating swivels with round eyes and a matt finish and cover all fresh water angling situations. Features: Free rotating Matt finish Ten per packet
Drennan Clip Beads Drennan Clip Beads
15 in stock
Drennan Clip Beads slide easily on the line, act as shock absorbers and allow quick changes of feeders, loaded floats and bombs. 5 per pack.
Drennan Method Connectors Drennan Method Connectors
18 in stock
These quick-change Drennan Method Connectors allow you to quickly change feeders and hooklengths. They are designed to go with the Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeders and Pellet Feeders but they are also suitable for lots of other uses where a quick change connection is required. They provide an easy loop-to-loop, slimline join which locates neatly back inside the body of an inline feeder. The rub…
Drennan Quick Change Bead Drennan Quick Change Bead
37 in stock
Drennan Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect fit. They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running leger or feeder. These Quick Change Beads are precision made from high quality English tooling, so that the two components have a nice consistent fit. The outer bead is semi flexible and grips in place securely ove the internal con…
Drennan Quick Snap Swivels Drennan Quick Snap Swivels
62 in stock
Quick Snap Swivels are ideal for a variety of uses and allow the angler to change hooklinks quickly and easily. The Quick Snap Swivels come in four sizes, 12, 14, 16, and 18 and act as an anti-twist device. The larger sizes are ideal for bomb and feeder work whilst the smaller sizes are perfect for pole rigs and float setups. Features: Excellent anti-twist device Allows quick change of hooklinks S…
Drennan Run Rings Drennan Run Rings
52 in stock
They are produced in a super slick, hard grade polymer that slides beautifully on monofilament, the clip link is easy to open and is masked by exactly the right length of silicone tube to prevent tangles. The three sizes are designed to work perfectly with Swivel Stop Beads and Quick Change Beads. Run Rings offer a free running setup perfect for fishing targeting a variety of species such as barbe…
Drennan Swivel Beads Drennan Swivel Beads
54 in stock
Drennan Swivel Stop Bead Drennan Swivel Stop Bead
56 in stock
Drennan Swivel Stop Beads are an effective anti-tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs. The rubber bead is designed to house the top ring and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom ring protruding and free to rotate. Each pack contains eight swivels and eight beads in a mixture of camo green, camo grey and camo brown.


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