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Cralusso Rocket Anti Tangle Waggler Attachment Cralusso Rocket Anti Tangle Waggler Attachment
17 in stock
Drennan Big Grippa Stops Drennan Big Grippa Stops
4 in stock
The bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings, or for trapping big pellet wagglers into position. Two or three Grippa Stops next to each other provide adjustable stops for link legers, light bombs and small feeders. The direction of the stop on the main line can also be reversed by taking it off the wire onto a loop of nylon and then transferring it to the reel line. They are made f…
Drennan Flexi Float Link Drennan Flexi Float Link
10 in stock
These unique Drennan Flexible Float Link connectors make it very easy to change floats. The float is simply pushed into the connector which is then pushed into a plastic tube, which sits on the line. They will not damage the line in any way and they ensure a clean, splash-free strike and retrieve. As no locking shot is needed, they are particularly useful when you are placing the main bulk of shot…
Drennan Mixed Float Caps Drennan Mixed Float Caps
29 in stock
Drennan Float Caps are used for attaching Stick Floats, Loafers, Avons and other top-and-bottom floats to the line. They also allow the angler to quickly change floats in seconds. Five sizes and colours per packet.
Drennan Rig Rings Drennan Rig Rings
22 in stock
Drennan Rig Rings are ideal for all carp, pike and specialist rigs. These stainless steel rings are extra smooth and extra strong.
Drennan Safe Links Drennan Safe Links
29 in stock
Drennan Safe Links allow quick changes of weights and feeders. They are ideal for specialist, pike and carp rigs and also work well with a variety of beads. 10 per pack.
Drennan Silicone Float Attachments Drennan Silicone Float Attachments
22 in stock
Silicone Float Attachments allow quick and easy changing of floats by simply pushing the float inside the silicone.
Drennan Swivel Float Attachments Drennan Swivel Float Attachments
33 in stock
Drennan Swivel Float Attachments are an excellent quick-change adapter for wagglers and any floats attached bottom-end only. These excellent Swivel Float Attachments allow the float to fold over completely on the strike and the swivel mechanism ensures that they are virtually tangle free.
Garbolino Quick Feeder / Waggler Link Garbolino Quick Feeder / Waggler Link
7 in stock
Quick and easy to use tangle free waggler rig with oval stops & American snap & swivel. Simply thread off the wire straight onto your mainline and you are ready to go! No fuss terminal gear! 4 per pack.
Garbolino Tungsten Sinking Stops Garbolino Tungsten Sinking Stops
15 in stock


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