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Berkley Flex Round Heads Berkley Flex Round Heads
In stock
The most versatile jighead in the new Flex range. Equipped with a sharpened hook for all uses and that ensures the best hooking.
Daiwa Prorex Mini Jig Heads Daiwa Prorex Mini Jig Heads
24 in stock
The Prorex Mini Jig Head is designed for ultra light fishing and work well with smaller lures when fishing for perch and Zander. These perfectly rounded jig heads are great for jigging, vertical fishing and casting as well. They feature sharp hooks and are available in a matt orange or clear glitter colour. The Prorex Mini Jig Head is supplied with 5 per pack and is available in a range of sizes f…
DAM Effzett Ball Jigheads DAM Effzett Ball Jigheads
£3.99 - £4.50
6 in stock
All around the world people use jigheads to rig their softlures and with the hope of catching the fish of their dreams. But to catch these fish the fisherman has to be able to rely on his setup and since the hook is the connection to the fish, the DAM Effzett Ball Jigheads are equiped with a high quality hook. These hooks are extremely sharp, strong and durable which gave them the first class repu…
Fishtail Jig Heads Fishtail Jig Heads
10 in stock
• Ideal for all soft lures • Lead ball head • Extremely sharp, strong, high quality hook • 2 sizes: 1/0 - 7g and 1/0 - 10g • 4 heads per pack
Fox Dart Jig Heads Fox Dart Jig Heads
7 in stock
A triangulated jighead, it’s the three flat planes of the head that deliver a swimming, darting action to your lure on the drop and the retrieve. High-quality throughout, the PTFE-coated hook is incredibly sharp, with the Dart Head being available in three different sizes; 3, 5 and 7grams making them perfect for light lure work. Triangular shape design delivering a darting action Ultra-sharp PTFE-…
Fox Eel Jig Heads Fox Eel Jig Heads
8 in stock
The specific shape of these heads, along with the position of the mounting point is designed to deliver a deeper working trajectory to the lures mounted on them. High-quality throughout, the PTFE-coated hook is incredibly sharp, with the Eel Head being available in four different sizes; 10, 14 and 17 and 21grams.
Fox Rage Corkscrew Jig Heads Fox Rage Corkscrew Jig Heads
17 in stock
Our new Cork Screw Jig Heads have been designed to allow the angler to rig up a bait only using a stinger and thus eliminating the need for the large single hook as used on regular jig heads. Often when the fish are feeding in a shy manner the large single hook can lead to missed bites, whereas a fine wire stinger can drastically improve hook ups.
Fox Rage Corkscrew Jig Heads 3 Pack Fox Rage Corkscrew Jig Heads 3 Pack
18 in stock
Giving you different rigging options, these corkscrew jig heads cover a range of weight sizes in packs of three, allowing for the use of stingers for hooking and increased lure action. Available in packs of three Round or bullet head shapes 5, 10, 15 and 20g weights available
Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads
58 in stock
Sometimes a delicate approach is needed in your jig fishing, and for that you need a jig head to match your style. Fine hooks for finesse presentations Available in weights of 5, 7, 10, 15 to 20g Hook sizes of 4/0, 3/0 2/0 1/0 Perfect for delicate, finesse lure presentation Available in packs of three Features Arma Point technology for super sharp hooking
Fox Rage Jig Heads X Fox Rage Jig Heads X
38 in stock
Strong, sharp and designed for the most demanding lure fishing environments, the Jig Head X delivers a super robust construction, designed to extract the largest of predators. Super strong, heavy duty jigheads Over-sized eyes to take heavy-duty clips Forged hooks for added strength Built in retainer for improved lure positioning and action Available in 3.5, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 30gram weig…
Fox Rage Micro Bullet Jigheads Fox Rage Micro Bullet Jigheads
13 in stock
A brilliant new addition and shape to our range of micro jig heads. New, streamlined bullet-shape spreads weight and lowers resistance to deliver a faster fall when jigging and enhance swimming action on a straight retrieve Features high-quality, super-sharp hooks Available in three hook sizes: 4, 2 and 1 Each size hook has five jig head weight options: 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g and 6g Comes in packs of five…
Fox Rage Micro Jig Heads Fox Rage Micro Jig Heads
79 in stock
Get the perfect micro lure presentation with these high-quality, super sharp Micro jig heads. High-quality construction Super sharp hook finish Available in two hook sizes: 4 and 2 Available in five different weights: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6g Come in packs of five jig heads


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