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Drennan Crystal Diamond


The Crystal Diamond is the latest addition to Drennan Crystal Pole Float range made using our unique blow-moulding technology.

Although primarily designed for fishing medium to larger baits in open water, the classic shape of the Crystal Diamond makes it a truly versatile float.

The transparent Crystal® body ensures the float is much less conspicuous to wary fish which is a massive advantage over traditionally painted pole floats.

The strong and flexible clear Fibre Glass Stem gives extra stability and the 2.5mm hollow Glow tip gives fantastic visibility in almost any conditions.

The highly buoyant tip can also be dotted right down on harder days and for shy biting fish.

A Full Cycle Carp eye protects the line and cannot be ripped out of the body like a traditional side eye.

Available in 6 sizes from 0.3g up to 1.0g the Crystal Diamond is destined to be another classic and a must-have float in every pole angler’s armoury!


• 0.3g

• 0.4g

• 0.5g

• 0.6g

• 0.8g

• 1.0g


• Clear Crystal® body

• Highly buoyant

• Unique blow-moulding technology

• Ultra tough construction

• Full Circle spring side eye

• Long Durable 1mm glass stem

• 2.5mm Buoyant Glow Tip

• Red or yellow tips

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