Code: NCT00

Fox Rage Bladed Jig


Perfect for big perch, zander, pike and many other predatory species, the Rage Bladed Jig delivers a standalone lure or one that can be used in conjunction with a trailer where a soft plastic is mounted on the main hook. Featuring a multi-strand, silicon skirt and an articulating blade on the jig head, this lure delivers a mass of movement and vibration that will drive predators crazy.

Available in three weight sizes; 17, 21 and 28g

Four colour options; Pike, Bleak, Black & Gold and Table Rock

Features ultra-sharp and super-strong 3/0 single hook

Highly-detailed jig head featuring 3D eyes

Robust silicon skirt delivers pulsing attraction

High-quality blade delivers vibrating attraction

Perfect for use with Rage soft plastic lures as trailers

Comes with high-quality snap link

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