Code: GRD01

Guru N-Gauge Power Feeder Rod


The range is designed to cover all commercial fishing needs, offering six rods that can be used all year-round. From short casts to islands on narrow lakes for F1s, to mid-range bomb, Method or Hybrid work for carp, and even longer-range fishing on bigger venues in the winter.

N-Gauge has it covered at an affordable price for high quality weapons!

12ft Power Feeder:

Two piece

80g casting weight

1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz carbon tips.

Stepped-up further, the 12ft Power Feeder does exactly what is sayson the tin! While the top end of the rod has cushion and action that preventshook pulls when fishing lighter for smaller fish, the bottom end of the rod kicks-in to allow you to cast a long way and control the biggest of commercial creatures. An all-round power tool!

High-quality components have been used throughout the range to create rods with a balance of playing action, power, accuracy and comfort.

The handles are part cork and part Duplon, offering grip, durability and comfort,while looking the part with the finishing Guru personal touches.

All the N-Gauge Feeder rods feature super lightweight high-quality guides that match the rods think blank perfectly. Every guide has been strategically positioned to produce the optimum casting and fish playing performance, whilst minimising any tangles or casting frap ups.

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